Home News $50,000 "mouse" yet to be found even with three hints a day

$50,000 “mouse” yet to be found even with three hints a day




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It has been more than two weeks, since Sqkii, a mobile application, released a “mouse” worth $50,000 in Singapore. Despite the attention it garnered nationwide, people still don’t have a clue as to where it might be hidden. So we’ve asked our intern Laura Zheng to join the hunt. Here’s what she’s found out.

Testing 123

Posted by Sqkii on Tuesday, 29 August 2017


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Three daily hints released on Facebook from 4 September about the secret location of the gold coin, dubbed as “mouse”. The contest “#HuntTheMouse” sponsored by OCBC, with extra hints in the form of scratch cards at Liho, Pastamania and Obike. The contest will end when the coin is found.

How challenging are the hints? Let’s have a look.

So far so good, because the scope is being narrowed down, except that you can’t hunt the mouse at once.

It indeed looks informative. But wait. Doesn’t Singapore offer thousands of places with pasta right?

RED DOTS, Laura Zheng says, so what?

Don’t worry about the quizzes, because a helpful netizen has shared a link to clue you in.

I feel you, Jaden.

The Chinese physician is ANNIE WAN!     (*anyone*)

In despair, Laura quipped, “We hope the organisers can start providing legit hints, otherwise next year also cannot find lah!”

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