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5 Best Travel Hacks for Business Travelers




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To the outside world, traveling overseas for business seems to be both thrilling and glamorous. Who wouldn’t like to visit another country on an all-expense-paid trip? But for those who are constantly jetting off on work, the excitement soon wears off.

When you are on a business trip, you need to be absolutely punctual – being late for meetings just won’t do. You probably have to juggle several activities simultaneously, leaving you little time for relaxation or sometimes even sleep. How can you then, as a businessperson traveling out of Singapore, make the most of your trip professionally? While each business trip may differ, here are some tips that you may find useful for every trip.

Use an airline miles credit card to save on ticketing costs

Booking tickets can be one of the most time-consuming and arduous tasks for a professional planning an overseas business trip. Comparing different airlines’ ticket costs and deciding on the most suitable time to take your flight can lead to a very frustrating experience for even the simplest of bookings.

This is where using a credit card specifically tailored to take advantage of airline offers comes in. By their nature, airline miles credit cards allow you to rack up the miles for trip bonuses and make it easier for you to redeem them. The tie-up that a credit card company has with an airline can even give you extra perks such as first-class lounge access and free taxi services between the airport and your hotel. For instance, a credit card like url=”/standard-chartered-visa-infinite-card”Standard Chartered Visa Infinite Card[/link comes with 10% discount on Uber rides globally, up to 6 complimentary priority pass access and an automatic Hilton HHonor Gold Status, which can all be helpful in providing a seamless luxury that can make your trip both more convenient and cheaper.

Always have a suitcase packed and ready to go

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The easiest way to forget something important is to leave your packing for the last minute. Therefore, you should try to keep a travel bag or an overnight case ready with the essential items that you always take with you. Doing this will allow you to simply pick up your bag and walk out of the door when you next need to travel. It will also help to free up your time so that you can prepare for the assignment you are traveling out of Singapore for.

What should you pack in this suitcase? Apart from your spare clothes and toiletry kit, it also helps to include an extra charger for your electronic devices. Some business travelers keep copies of commonly-used business documents in their ready-to-go bag as well.

Don’t forget to purchase travel insurance

As a regular business traveler, you are more than likely to be carrying expensive clothing and gadgets. Additionally, the duration of your trip and the number of countries that you are required to visit will determine the kinds of hazards that you are likely to face. In these circumstances, purchasing travel insurance can be one of the best decisions that you can make.

What is the travel insurance coverage that you should take? Insurers have developed specific policies for business travel. For example, the corporate travel insurance policy offered by Aviva provides protection for up to 190 days for each business trip. In addition to covering you against an accident, it even gives you a post-hospitalisation allowance, which pays you cash while you recover at home.

The most obvious kind of travel insurance to purchase would be one that grants you emergency medical and accident benefits. However, it would also be beneficial to check if a provider will cover inconveniences such as delays, cancellations, and emergency bookings. Our dedicated page on how to choose the best travel insurance is a great start to explore and compare offerings for people traveling out of Singapore.

Getting through airports quickly and efficiently

Completing check-in and security procedures at an airport can be especially cumbersome for business travelers who are strapped for time. However, a little preparation will help you to get through check-in and security faster, and in some cases, may even help you jump to the top of the queue.

One of the best ways to cut waiting times at an airport is to register yourself using the check-in kiosks that are usually located near the entrance areas. Consider signing yourself up for expedited security screenings at airports in the US if you regularly travel there. The US Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) allows Singaporeans to register for the TSA Precheck program. This program allows you to go through security quickly. You will also be exempt from removing your shoes, belt, and jacket for the security check formalities.

Prepare your electronics (and adapters)

You will probably carry at least one phone and one laptop with you on your trips. But the trouble involved with carrying them comes from having to constantly ask yourself whether you’ll be able to charge your devices on-the-go and in hotel rooms abroad.

Therefore, it pays to check if your gadgets and their peripherals, particularly your charging plugs and external batteries, will be compatible with the sockets that are available in the countries that you are traveling to. You can buy universal adapters which work in almost any country. Buying one and keeping it handy (and packing it in that pre-packed suitcase!) will go a long way towards ensuring a hassle-free trip.

Take some time off to unwind

Constant traveling on work can be stressful. However, there are several measures that you can take to mitigate the ill-effects that regular flights and sleeping in hotel rooms can cause. While the tips listed above are a good way to get started in preparing for your professional assignments abroad, they are by no means an exhaustive list.

Finding your personal rhythm while traveling for work-related purposes is as important as a good presentation at a meeting. Do take time out from work to relax and catch up on sleep, and maybe even soak in some of the sights of the country you’re visiting. If you are jetlagged, you could use the extra time in the morning to exercise, which can really help you adjust to different time zones more quickly and maintain your energy level throughout your trip. With some planning, it is possible to make your travel as glamorous as the outside world thinks it is.

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