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4 Credit Card Perks That Make Dating in Singapore Cheaper




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It’s not always easy to discuss money and dating in one conversation. However, dating in one of the most expensive cities in the world doesn’t lend itself very well to keeping money out of one’s mind. Although wooing a person’s heart isn’t all about money, there are still some occasions when a big expenditure is recommended (if not necessary). With each date, holiday or anniversary that pushes people to spend beyond their means, it becomes more important for a couple to discuss their financial realities and expectations in order to build a sustainable relationship.

While this could be easier for people who have been dating for some time, it can actually be quite awkward and difficult for people at the early stage of a relationship. For them, a more effective measure might be to find ways of saving on their dating expenditures without making a fuss. Here, we discuss some credit card perks that can be especially helpful in doing so.

Dining & entertainment

For most couples, going to restaurants, bars, movie theaters and other entertainment venues should be the biggest chunk of their expenditures. While there are many 1-for-1 drink specials and Fave deals available to make these activities more affordable, it’s hard to plan every date around them while also trying to save face. Luckily, there are some great dining rewards and entertainment rewards credit cards that can help you save money on these expenditures without making a fuss. Simply paying with these cards is a much more seamless and smoother way of saving money compared to only picking bars that scream “1-for-1 special” everywhere on their walls. Not only that, some of these cards can be used on top of these drink specials and Fave deals to help you save even more.


While movies often depict a “perfect date” to involve a handsome young man driving an expensive car to pick up his date, this is not even a thinkable option for the vast majority of Singaporeans, given the astronomical car prices in the country. But, something like this is now definitely possible through cheap alternatives like Grab and Uber. Public transportations work plenty well enough for most occasions, but taking a date to a nice dinner on your private vehicle makes much better impressions after all.

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Thankfully, many credit card issuers have partnered up with either Uber or Grab to provide great deals on these ride-sharing apps. Most of these promotions involve some level of discounts on your rides if you use a specific card to pay for them. However, there are also some others that offer free rides on weekends.


Shopping is likely going to be another category of spending that matters a lot to young singles. Everyone wants to dress to impress on his first date, and also to give thoughtful gifts on special occasions if the relationship develops to that stage. But doing so shouldn’t have to involve shelling out hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars at department stores. However, saving on these items doesn’t necessarily have to involve downgrading what you buy. Instead, wisely taking advantage of credit card rewards on online shopping can actually help you afford great gifts without being stingy.

Are there any cards that provide all of these perks?

People who don’t want to find specific cards that match each of the perks described above might be happy to hear that there actually are cards that combine many of these benefits into one. For example, HSBC Revolution Card provides 2 miles on dining, entertainment and online shopping, addressing 3 out of 4 qualities we discussed here. Although its benefits are centered around weekend activities, UOB YOLO Card actually addresses all 4 categories, with its 8% rebate on weekend dining & entertainment, 3% rebate on online fashion spend and free Grab rides on weekends. Last but not least, Citi Cash Back Card provides 8% cashback on dining spend and Grab rides on both weekends and weekdays, so you can maximise savings regardless of when you go on your dates.

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