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13 companies pitched at Seamless Asia in Singapore, here is a breakdown




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From coffee e-commerce companies to big data marketing platforms, this was a diverse group of 13 startups that made their pitches at Seamless Asia

My how things change. Seamless Asia, an annual conference in Singapore that focusses on retail, payment gateway technologies and commerce, was once the dominion of enterprise and corporate technology.

There is still a focus on larger companies (Vocalink is the conference’s platinum sponsor), but recently it has been infused with a dash of startup.

At the conference’s Accelerator Zone, thirteen startups spent the day pitching their company in a Demo Day-type of setting.

The companies were able to attend Seamless Asia in part because of e27‘s Top100 programme. As part of the programme, the startups received a free booth, pitching and entry into the cocktail party.

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Let’s meet the companies!


Superble is a chat-based product discovery company that helps people discover products by talking with other users with similar interests. We all know that talking to our runner-friend about shoes usually leads to better recommendations and an increased likelihood of purchasing.

Superble wants to take this interaction online, helping consumers find better products and increasing the likelihood for merchants of making a sale.


Lumiere32 is a B2B e-commerce platform to help dentistries source supplies. It sells items like medical gloves, capping paste and surgical instruments.

The company wants to become the “single touchpoint” to connect manufacturers, dealers and dentists in Singapore. The company was founded by Dr. Priti Bhole and Raman Chauhan in early 2016.

Altius Product Content Solutions

With offices in the US and India, Altius is an e-commerce product database startup. It brings together big data features like mapping, modeling and validation under one platform.

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It has over 80 clients and can tailor its SDK services to fit small niche shops and broad, large scale, e-commerce site.


FOMO Pay is a one-stop payment service to help people expand their sales into China. It is free to connect and makes its money on transaction fees.

What it does is connect merchants with Chinese payment systems like WeChat Pay, Baidu Wallet and UnionPay in one platform. It also has non-Chinese services like NETS, Mastercard and PayPal to bridge the markets.

YFL Elite

The startup has built a ‘blockchain coupled’ product called the Transatech Common Platform, which allows for P2P lending of cryptocurrency. The startup has made a distinction between hard-value and soft-value currencies and wants to promote hard-value.

It’s fairly complicated, but a deep-dive can be found here.


Smartfolios is an an financial and investment advisory platform. Users can personalise the platform by setting their personal risk profiles, selecting portfolios, customising trading and rebalancing their financials according to performance.

One notable fact about Smartfolios is their UX is genuinely ‘beautiful’ and gives the fintech company’s platform a more approachable feel.

Fund My Life

Ah insurance, the industry of 1,000 questions. One problem with old-school insurance markets is trying to find the answer to simple questions. It can lead down a rabbit hole of complicated research, salespeople and confusing Jargo.

Enter Fund My Life, a startup that has built a platform to help mom-and-pop users answer basic questions to help them find the correct policy for their need.


Supertext build chatbots for companies. For example, they can integrate chatbot technologies into your internal Slack channel to help with internal efficiency.

It uses AI technology to help companies build applications and processes entirely through a chat system.


One product that has long been ripe for an upgrade is the ol’ office vending machine. Cryowerx is Singaporean startup is taking ‘grab and go’ to the next level.

With a mobile app, users can open the browse through a host of food items, open the door and grab their delicious snack. The payments are handled through the app and the price will be automatically deducted when the door closes.

Vinyl of the Day

Vinyl of the Day is a marketplace for for people to buy traditional vinyl records. Even though the history of Vinyls can be traced back to the 19th century, even in 2017 is enjoys a robust and enthusiastic economy.

Vinyl of the Day wants to be the one-stop-shop for people to find the records they want.


ZeptoLab is an on-demand delivery platform which lets users handle their logistics when necessary. The company has everything from freight to bicycle delivery — and it even has the crazy option of ZeptoRun (which, yes, involves someone running to deliver a package).

Visual Loft

Visual Loft is an e-commerce platform for eyeglasses. The company teams up with partner stores across Singapore to give people eye checks when they are looking for new glasses.

Eyeglasses are in one price range and can be bought for S$85-S$125 (US$90 to US$60).

Senzo Electronics

Senzo is a digital mobile payments and loyalty-card platform that works both online and offline. It chose to pursue its offline product in order to target the unbanked population. It is not just for consumers but also for merchants.

Tuple Technologies

With an ambitious goal of creating the “SIRI or Jarvis of business”. It has an AI-based platform so it can learn and predict customer behaviour to help marketing managers and CEOs make better business decisions.

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The type of of use cases for Tuple Technologies is a bio-clustering model that helped increase ROI and Predictive Lifetime Value boosting order size.


Jumper.ai a conversational commerce company that helps drive sales through social marketing and personal engagement. It isn’t simply a marketing platform as Jumper.ai also facilitates a ton of payment options from over 135 countries.

This video below highlights nicely how the service works.


Cafebond is an e-commerce company that sells every entrepreneur’s favorite drink — coffee! It has partner cafes across Australia and is planning to enter Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Tokyo soon.

It has blends from Latin America, Africa and, of course, Asia.

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