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10 Hipster Hobbies to Jio Your Friends to Join




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One of the most integral aspects of being a hipster is having a hobby, and preferably a retro one. What is a retro hobby, you may ask? Well, for a hipster, it’s an interest that is far away from the remote-wielding, button-clicking, instant world of today. Read on to know more about these new age hobbies for hipsters!

1. Stargazing

This one is as slow and close to nature as it gets. Stargazing involves exciting stuff like getting out there in the open, preferably away from the city, on a dark night and staring up at the sky. That’s it. There is no equipment required, maybe a telescope if you want to really get into details beyond the Big Dipper. Take your stargazing seriously and hop onto one of the many organised trips to beautiful stargazing spots around the world.

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If you are in Singapore and going to the Science Centre Observatory or the Andromeda Observatory is against your hipster grain, you can get a good view of the night sky from the Henderson Waves or Singapore Botanic Gardens. You can also join a Facebook group called Singapore Sidewalk Astronomy and head to Bishan Park with them.

2. Flower arranging

Flower arranging is as lovely a hobby as it sounds. Any activity that allows such proximity to natural beauty is bound to make you happy and content. You could start with a few tutorials on YouTube or get all hipster about it and find yourself anything from a half-day to a month long course at a floristry school! Yes, there is such a thing.

Sign up at The Art of Floral Bouquet Arrangement (Hipster Bouquet) by Mojo Atelier for a 2-hour workshop that will set you back by S$88; but hey, you’ll be proficient in getting a hipster bouquet together!

Where: 80 Changi Rd, #05-25, Singapore 419715

How much: S$88 for a 2-hour workshop

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3. Knitting

Not anymore a clichéd grandma image, this one has hopped across to hipster haven now. Though maybe for the same reasons! Take your knitting anywhere, knit to ensure your fidgety fingers are put to good use, knit to create personalized gifts (a very hipster thing to do), or knit because you wish to wear something custom made. Those needles are your best friend.

Don’t know how to move those needles? Join a course at Wish I Were Stitching or at WondersKnit Course; though It Takes Balls seems to be the hippest of the lot.

Where: Wish I Were Stitching, 12 Arumugam Road, Unit 03-12A, LTC Building B, Singapore 409958

WondersKnit Course, Liang Court, #02-23, 177 River Valley Road, Singapore 179030

It Takes Balls, 96 Club St, Singapore 069464

4. Upcycling

Ever since upcycling became the hipster version of recycling, old items – especially jam jars – have been repurposed and how! Many a plastic bottle has been remodelled into flowerpots, lanterns, vases, and various types of storage containers. Nature friendly hobby, this one.

5. Colouring books

Colouring books for adults is a fast catching trend, owing to its stress busting nature. Gone are the days when you went to the squash court and smashed a few balls, or to the gym and pumped some iron to frighten the blues away. All you do now is get those crayons out and start filling in your favourite colouring book.

Get online and choose differently themed colouring books at OpenTrolley Bookstore or visit Books Kinokuniya for its interesting range.

Where: Books Kinokuniya, 391 Orchard Road, Takashimaya Shopping Centre Ngee Ann City, #04-20/20B/20C/20E, Singapore 238872

6. Board games

Say bye-bye to video games, those digital addictive villains that isolate you from the rest of the world. Enter the multi-player board game in the form of Scrabble, Cluedo and even card games appearing on café tables and hobby lists. And if those games are passé, then try the new more popular ones like Cards against Humanity, Ticket to Ride, Inis, Pandemic, among others. With many of these being highly strategic games, you will be doing a lot more than just having fun.

Book yourself and your buddies a table at The Mind Café for an evening of board games!

Where: 60 Prinsep St, Singapore 188664

7. Soap making

True to the hipster spirit, soap making is a time consuming, archaic, strange and expensive pursuit. All this is besides the point though; after all, who doesn’t want a custom-made flavour and scent for their daily bath? Even if it takes extremely costly classes, time, and material to conjure up your soap mood!

Sign up at the Soap Ministry or Soho Nature for some bubbly secrets.

Where: Soap Ministry , 177 River Valley Rd, Singapore 179030

8. Calligraphy and Lettering

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Give the tap-tap on your keyboard a break and get a hang of the fluid strokes of calligraphy. You might not be writing love letters on scented sheets to your beloved (maybe you will!), but you could definitely use the pretty writing for custom-made handwritten cards or personalised gifts. And once you are proficient at this art, developing your own style is the next step!

Sign up for modern calligraphy and brush writing classes at The Letter J Supply.

Where: The Letter J Supply , 30A, Seah Street, Singapore

9. Urban gardening

The next time you see someone digging away with a wide brimmed garden hat on their heads, don’t expect it to be a grandparent keeping themselves busy. The hippest of hipster hobbies, urban gardening has arisen out of the urgent need to connect with nature. With more people realising how important it is to bond with the earth, urban gardens are fast taking over the city landscape!

Get your tools now, head to The Plant Story and figure out why it is called having ‘green fingers’!

Where: The Plant Story, Marina Bay, 11 Rhu Cross, (Passion WaVe at Marina Bay), #02-03, Singapore 437440

How much: The Miniature Garden Workshop is priced at S$80.

10. Leathercraft

Handcrafted, bespoke, and debossed with your initials – that’s today’s hipster leathercraft. Learn about types of leathers, how to treat them, and which one is best suited to the product of your choice. Then go ahead and cut and construct your cardholder, coin pouch, or cable organiser before you finish it off with your initials!

Sign up for a leathercraft course at The General Company and get your hands dirty constructing personalised leather goods.

Where: The General Company, 115 King George’s Ave, Unit 03-02, Singapore 208561

How much: A basic leathercraft course starts at S$79.

Sign up for your hipster hobby classes using the HSBC Advance Credit Card and get up to 3.5% cashback on your class fees!! Read our review of the card here.

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So, what’s your hobby?

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