Singapore News Young migrant worker dies during lift upgrading works at Chai Chee Rd...

Young migrant worker dies during lift upgrading works at Chai Chee Rd HDB block




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A 28-year-old Bangladeshi migrant worker died on Monday after plunging from the fifth floor to the first floor while his team was carrying out lift upgrading works at a HDB block in Chai Chee Road.

Incidentally, the upgrading works began on 4 Jan – 10 days before the fatal accident occurred on 14 Jan. A 53-year-old resident by the name of Mrs Lee, who spoke to the Chinese daily, recalled that the lift upgrading works created a lot of noise.

According to the Chinese daily, the worker had been transporting debris from the fifth to the ground floor when other workers at the site heard shouts coming from the lift. The workers found the young Bangladeshi man unconscious, with injuries, inside the lift on the ground floor.

Singapore Civil Defence Force paramedics pronounced the worker dead, shortly after they arrived at the scene.

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At the time of the accident, Mrs Lee said she heard a loud bang that sounded as though a heavy object had fallen to the ground from a height. She added that she did not expect that such a serious accident would have taken place instead.

MOM has stopped all lift upgrading works at the site and is investigating the incident. The contractor for the upgrading works is Chevalier Singapore Holdings while the deceased worker was employed by Tc Builder & Machinery.

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