Young man sexually assaults sleeping woman through HDB flat window grilles

18-year old Zulhusny Bin Mohamad Arshad pleaded guilty to charges after sexually assaulting a sleeping woman through the window of her HDB flat in Woodlands last January. The charges include outrage of modesty and other drug related offences.

CCTV footage captured Zulhusny lurking in the corridor with a towel over his head in an attempt to conceal his identity. Zulhusny saw the woman sleeping near the window and seized the opportunity, reaching in and grabbing her genitals.

Initially the victim, a 33-year old woman, believed that she was dreaming and swatted Zulhusny’s hand away. When she made contact she realized that it was real and fled the room screaming. The victim informed her landlord in the next room of the events that had just transpired and the landlord called the police.

Zulhusny was sentenced to a juvenile centre for reformative training, but is appealing the courts decision. Zulhusny was still undergoing the “guidance programme” for trespassing into private property when the incident occured. The court took this into consideration during his sentencing.