Young child falls unconscious day after busy KKH doctor declares there’s nothing wrong with her


A mother has taken to Facebook to complain that a doctor at KK Women and Children’s Hospital did not provide adequate medical attention to her daughter, resulting in the child becoming unconscious and unresponsive the very next morning.

Concerned parents Tricia Ang and Warren Lim had taken one of their four daughters to KKH. Since the hospital was busy, the family waited for 3-4 hours just to see the doctor, a Dr Peter Wong, who told them their child’s condition is not serious and asked them to wait for another 2-3 hours.

The doctor then allegedly told them that if they don’t want to wait, they can go to another hospital since their daughter’s condition is not serious.

The Lim family appear to have taken the doctor’s advice and returned home. However, at 11am this morning, their daughter fell unconscious and unresponsive.

The child’s mother excoriated the doctor and posted videos of a man, appearing to be her husband, trying to revive their child by performing CPR. Ang indicated that her daughter recovered when paramedics arrived.


    • Not only less doctors, nurse n pharmacist also under staff. A simple ‘yes or no’ answer during non peak time at the pharmacy (0920 hrs) can take half an hour! Believe it or not, even wheelchairs also not enough! This is situation our public hospitals is in now!

  1. Some private clinics has Professors than doctors, you just need to know which clinic. There is one along Jalan Jurong Kerchil, he belongs to the old generation of doctors, he’s Professor – sees the young to the oldest. I dont believe hospital doctors are that great, those who has their own clinic – has more experience and their own generations of patients.

    • I agree to what you say about the old generation doctors being more experienced. They were also more thorough in their examination and listened closely to the smptoms described by the patient and with just basic physical examination could provide quite an accurate diagnosis based on the symptoms. A pity that these clinics are rarely seen today in the neighbourhood. I used to have such faith in them.

  2. This is what Singapore has become thanks to the 70%, if you are not rich or important, this is how you are treated!!! Hospitals so overworked unto doctors are mentally unable to feel anything even for a sick child! We know who is to really blame here

  3. Did they learn a page from your subway system? Soon your airline, freight and other services can take their cue from the subway’s outstanding work ethics and performance. After all, your ministers pledged for them.

  4. Quite dumb , you fall on the error ? The toddler was moving and response to the CPR in the two videos . Go watch .
    The father was doing more harm than saving her . Rule no 1 , don’t do CPR on a conscious patient .
    When the father blew air in, she reacted

  5. our hospitals are protected even if they causes many death through their negligence, at most they start another COI and drag the case tilll the cow comes home and as always all shall be forgotten.

  6. Nothing surprising. It has been noted that in all professions whether doctors, engineers, accountants etc about 5% are incompetent and on the other hand 5% are very skillful who become professors.

  7. have you guys been in a public hospital? all the doctors are so young, in their twenties freshly graduated with no experience, even their superiors are so young! they must not know what a healthy child looks like

  8. I have a few question, the doctor ar KKH did not ask the parent ot go home but to go to another hosiptal. The parent made the decision to bring the child home. The posting say the child recover when the paramedic arrived,dies ut mean the child recovered or has she got to got othe hosiptal with the ambulance. so was the child diagosed with some serious illness. I can understand the feeling of a worried parent being a parent myself, but to throw accusation without giving the whole story only create unnecessary touble and having unneccessary response.

  9. Well the deck of cards are just crumbling on a daily basis isn’t? It should be determined on severity logically isn’t it? There are times the rules need to be bent but perhaps years of misguided education just puts us beyond reach for this kind of thinking?

  10. Excellent post! We know the most dangerous people are fools who think they know everything just by googling. To those who think doctors are below par, go become doctors yourself. Doctors DO know what they are doing. The parents responsible for this disrespectful tirade against doctors now know their child’s condition is NOT critical. If it is, do you really think a dumb attempt at CPR will bring your child around? The doctors give priority to patients whose conditions cannot be revived by untrained people, and some will have to wait. I have a simple principle: if I want to have easy parking when shopping, I go to malls with expensive parking rates. And that’s not because those malls are any better. You parents are welcome to do the same. You think your child is entitled to close and immediate attention, go private. You can be sure that even if your child’s condition is not serious, they will attend to you like your child is critically ill. Try it. Works all the time. But this does not mean the healthcare quality is better. It just means the private doctors WANT to spend their time on your kid. Or any kid coming into their posh setting. So, to those with empty threats about suing doctors, pipe down. Realise that your loved ones may one day require priority care in a hospital, and there will always be some people complaining why your loved ones are being given top priority and they are not. Remember, doctors KNOW if a condition is serious or not. And you will be glad they do. Your life, or that of your loved ones, depend on that.

  11. Oh this news story circulating? A healthcare provider recently come out and make a comment on how things are. And in some fb page the parents removed their posting …is this the same case?

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