“You make my life full of hardship” – Tampines stallholder “who cannot make a living” begged PAP for mercy


Photos showing three laminated signs begging the ruling party for mercy at what appears to be a food stall has been trending online. While it is unclear where the stall that featured these signs is exactly located, it is presumed that the stall is in Tampines since the individual begging the People’s Action Party addresses the notices to PAP Tampines.

A close look at the photos seem to suggest that the signs are featured at what looks to be a fruits and vegetables stall.

The first sign reads, “PAP TAMPINES – I Can’t Make a Living in Your Constituency. You Make My Life Full Of Hardship. You Make My Life Very Miserable And Full Of Nightmares,” while the second sign appeals, “PAP TAMPINES!!! Stop Bullying Me.”

The third sign begs, “PAP TAMPINES – I Beg You!!! I Had Enough Torture From Your Officers. You Make My Life Full Of Hardship. I Just Want To Get Out From Your Constituency. Please Help Me. I Beg You!!!!”

Life has just got harder for hawkers and stallholders in 15 PAP town councils including Tampines as S&CC charges for…

Posted by The Alternative View on Thursday, 7 June 2018

The photos of the signs began trending on social media on the back of the service and conservancy charges (S&CC) hike in 15 PAP town councils that went into effect last Friday (1 June). Tampines is one of the 15 town councils affected.

This is the second S&CC increase in two years. Last year, rates for market and cooked food stalls increased between S$2.70 to S$23.00 per month. The latest S&CC hike sees an additional S$2.50 to S$17.50 being imposed on stallholders each month from now onwards.

UPDATE: It has since become clear that the signs are from a case that occurred in 2011. The signs were allegedly posted by an unhappy stallholder who was penalised for violating Town Council by-laws. The stallholder has reportedly left the area since then.