‘You cannot be a presenter because you don’t have boobs’ – CNA producer calls out alleged sexism at workplace


UPDATE: Mediacorp has replied saying it “does not condone sexism in our workplace. We take a serious view to this matter and are investigating.”

A Channel NewsAsia producer, Juwon Park, has accused her colleagues of being outright sexist to her several times in Facebook posts that she has since removed.

In her posts – which were captured by forum users online – Park shares screenshots of a conversation she had with a colleague who is presumably Australian. She reveals that the man indicated that she cannot be a presenter because she does not have a large chest and that she should pretend to be dumb because girls shouldn’t be smart.

When called out for his comments in a private chat, the colleague apologises and says that this is just part of the industry and that he was simply joking:

Park also shared other instances of sexism in another Facebook post that has also since been removed. She said that when she brought these issues up with other colleagues, she was told that she should “enjoy it because getting those comments meant (she is) not ugly” or that she should just grow a thicker skin and get used to it:

Park presently produces Money Mind, an English-language business show broadcast by Mediacorp. She previously held internships at Google, Bloomberg and the Associated Press before working at the Singapore broadcasting conglomerate.


    • Yes I have read her comments but the fact remains that the industry is a sexist industry . Her retort on small dick is out of place . You are talking about a presenter if she is ugly as sin or in this case no boobs just accept it . Can’t take the heat sue the company whether she win or not the Fact still remains her boobs are not to the company’s expectations.

    • John Fam are you high? boobs are not to the company’s expectations? Becos of men like you, women are treated in such conditions.
      By the way she is not retorting but comparing her insult or ones towards a male counterpart. Try to comprehend more.

    • Vincent Tan what you chaps feel is that she has been wronged or probably the attitude of the company is sexist . Perhaps so , then go take the company to court for discrimination and victimisation . The reason among others is “small boobs”. Look I am asking you to look at the ground reality in the industry and the remarks made , although cruel is the truth.

  1. CNA already fail as news channel even for ASEAN region better off change into a no holds bar cat fight cage match for their presenters role to attract “viewer sheeples” back…! I will not be seeing.

  2. I think this is pure bullying. No one should have to put up with this kind of rubbish, in Singapore or anywhere else. One should be able to work in peace without any hassle from anyone.

  3. That Ozzie fella will be annihilated if he made that remark in his own country. I hope all women in Oz will rain comments upon him. He needs to be put in his place.

  4. I live in WA at one time use to hangout with Aussie’s. Believe me they treat their woman really rough. Part of the problem is the woman. They litterally throw themselves at the men. I remember having free sex 3 times a week with different chicks. The Aussie’s use to say ” gonna root that Sheila”. All this was a long time ago. I still think the culture is the same today.

  5. I think employers need to look into this closely.
    Ive also experienced sexual harassment and when I reported to HR, nothing was done. Best of all, I was dismissed. Lagi best, I went to MOM and they said I was terminated based on what is legally put in contract and theres nothing I can do. It has got nothing to do with work performance since the appraisal was done just two months before and it was fine.
    Sg employers. Many are fucked up.

    • this is an insult bro. I don’t think any women would like comments like these made about them. Especially about their body. She has the right to be upset and angry. I read the whole WA and I feel sorry for her.

  6. I used to work in construction and I was told I would be raped if I ever get on site, doing the physical work as a safety coordinator.
    I understand it is male dominant job but it is 2017, women get the opportunity to study whatever fuck they desire and the same opportunity to work wherever fuck they think is best for them.
    Other than rape threats, I was told that I am not fit for the job despite doing my very best to look as male(tomboy appearance) as possible, even try to walk like gangster to prove I am male enough! I am very athletic, courageous and strong willed so wtf, my walk became a problem ?
    Also they mentioned that I am too pretty and young to be on site therefore it would cause a disharmony between colleagues of both gender and the workers on site.

    Like fucking brilliant, I deserved to be raped cause I am a female decided to be a safety personnel in construction and also,having graduated from engineering and certified for the job is not enough. I have to be raped to get the job.

    To these men, when you have a daughter and your daughter being treated this way, just reflect on the injustice you have caused the women at this point. To these men, you are raising self entitled dickheads son for the future to be disrespectful towards woman.

  7. That Aussie guy isn’t totally wrong tho …anyone who told you that those who love you should love you by the inner beauty are just pure liars and those who constantly preach about the greatness of unconditional love in a relationship is bullshit … ppl love to be love back ..why waste ur time loving someone who don’t love ya ?

  8. That Aussie shouldn’t be in the media industry because he is tactless and insensitive, then. Isn’t he aware of the current social trends that are moving towards social justice and feminism?

  9. What’s becoming to the workplace these days? That’s so sexist. That’s just pure sexism. Even when I worked in an American MNC previously, when such things occur, any female staff can complain to HR and the initiator of those actions/words is liable to be fired.

  10. Is that the requirement? If boss nvr indicate that as a requirement, who is her colleagues to comment. Can’t he just keep opinion to himself and move on. Her future in the indusry is none of his concen. Or was that just a case of sour grape?

  11. The Aussie’s last comment is so telling. He said “I am just being Australian”. So all Australian men are sexists and treat women without any respect??? I never watch CNA programmes anyways. Why watch pap propaganda?

  12. Aussie are always look down on Chinese even in their own country. They came to Asia just because they are Ang Mo and is one class above the others. Fortunately for us CHINA is prosperous and today the Chinese gain some respect from the Aussie. These Aussie came to Asia and behave like big boss . Aussie always look down on Chinese, just go to Australia and you will know but they forget that they came to Asia to take away our jobs, it is because they could not be better paid in their own country. I prefer the British or the American they are far more better human than the Aussie.

    • Isn’t this a bit of an overkill generalizing all Australians the way you do? In all societies, you have The Good, Bad and Ugly. Look at Kevin Rudd, he is a Chinese scholar speaking better Mandarin than all of you put together, an ex-PM of Australia, he held the Chinese in such high esteem I remembered he once said the Chinese are trying to ratfuck us. Daughter is married to a HK Chinese banker, younger son is daughter some Asian chick. And there are others like minded individuals throughout Australia.

      So come on, not all Aussies are dickheads, yabos and fuckwits or dumbfucks.

  13. One time an ex-female manager run her fingers trickling down my upper spine while I was working in front of my computer desk I felt numb, ridiculous and revolting. Did I felt like going to HR? Yes but I didn’t because the tough male culture held me back and I went on feeling revolting for the next few more days straight.

  14. If she don’t like Australian men language culture , why talk to one? After talking, cannot accept the cultural language differences, complain….. don’t like sexist industry? Leave lah. Don’t like a dose of the reality ? Do something about it or accept it. Crying isn’t helping.

    Her retorts are not even realistic. Viewers can see her non boobs , they can’t see his non dick.

    The Australian guy was merely telling her his honest opinion of the Industry, I don’t see what’s wrong. What’s wrong is the industry which in turn is derived from the viewers. So if she wants to cry go cry about why the world is what it is.

    If she cannot take an honest opinion, don’t ask for one

  15. Do we want to listen to good news presentation. ..with good pronunciation of words…or do we want to look at women with big boobs. ..The answer is obvious. ..News mean news. ..boobs mean boobs…if you want to wach big boobs…go to porn site.

  16. Nowadays people only dare to post but oh well better post then suffer in silence if don’t dare to stand up for themselves but everywhere is the same la deh . Go other countries even worst

  17. They should just play the voices* when presenting (just like radio) since looks* ain’t a factor. Suppose majority prefer looking at pretty animals/objects when buying a tv.

  18. I get where the Aussie guy’s coming from – when he says he’s Aussie he means he’s being honest and upfront about how women in media are selected, calling a spade a spade, and unfortunately he is right about the reality (not necessarily the way he said it) – but back in ‘Straya, you can bet your bottom dollar there are lotsa women who’d take offense to it. You might get away with it, still. Now… Singapore is a *conservative* country that does not do too well with direct communication. Everything is super passive-aggro. A direct comment is gonna be taken personally. Common sense mate, soz but you gonna get school’d hard.

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