Yishun residents affected by reserved parking lots for the President


At Yishun Avenue 4, where Singapore’s first female President Halimah Yacob will continue to live, reserved parking lots for police vehicles and President’s personal vehicles have been marked by red line. Apparently, some people didn’t get the memo.

(PHOTO: Roads.sg)

Since Wednesday (Sep 13), President Halimah’s HDB carpark had parking lots marked for police vehicles and her personal limousine SEP 1.

Some residents say that they were not informed and unaware of the changes despite the striking red banner that reads “Reserved For Police Vehicles”.

(PHOTO: Roads.sg)

In fact, outside the corner of her flat there were two policemen checking on anyone who wanted to enter the area. At the opposite block and in and around the vicinity, more uniformed officers were on patrol.

Netizens have expressed their unhappiness about President Halimah’s desire to reside at HDB, saying that it has inconvenienced them.

The heightened security around the block has also raised eyebrows.



    • ??? But you are not a resident in SG !

      How could you condemn the residents living in Yishun in the first place?
      Quote fr yr text, “Yishun residents are selfish. Boh Chai See’ Unquote.

      Your remarks are preposterous!!!

    • Whether a person is truly humble is not defined by his choice of abode. Some tycoons living in bungalows lead simple lives, have no airs and mingle well with people less well off than themselves.

  1. This is bullshit. My friend and I went to kay poh and look around that block for myself on Sat and Sun. There were lots. And there is one warden recording car plates. Didn’t even see other police aside from the two at the floor. Which netizen ? Come on. Don’t just say netizen. You got a warning from Malaysia. Back up report with statistics. Not just say netizens. I make my stand about EP and why I think it caused unhappiness. But this article is divisive. It is kind of wicked. Separate person from the issue. If those anon writer / netizen, go and campaign and deal with the decision makers. Not hide behind cyberspace and cast over a person.

  2. Like many Singaporeans, I do understand your rational over some
    car park lot issues.

    Approach the MP at Yishun, explain & if you prefer, lodge yr grievances.
    To defy in action may create unpleasantness in the community.

    I believe ‘reserved car park’ issue can be resolved in a matter of time.

    I expect the President to review and seriously consider moving out to live at the Istana.

    • Hi, Jimmy. She can afford to buy one long ago. She is now waiting for government to find a sponsor to donate one at district 9 or 10. She is just like a tiger pretend to be a mouse.

  3. My sympathies to the residents of Yistana Block. Limited parking lots. Cannot order food delivery.No karang kuni men to collect old newspapers and unwanted stuff. Cannot play mahjong. Cannot burn joss paper during 7th month. Nobody wants to visit. Sad.

    • To make this ” limited” issue . Our wise scholar … may as well increase the fee to park there ! … surely become orderly ….. surely have lots … soon no free holidays n Sunday free parking …. complain some more LOL ….

  4. I don’t doubt, President is a nice lady but appears to me as a inconsiderate person. Don’t tell me she is not aware of what is going on in her neighbourhood and what she has caused to her neighbours. If so , she must be a very ignorant person. Very sorry, I need to say what I have to say.

  5. Now is the Chinese 7th lunar month, where traditional Toaist believe that Thye hell gate is opened on 7th month and all the ghosts will be roaming the streets in Singapore!
    Halimah is of great fears to live in Istana because Lee Kuan Yew declared at the pulpit that when he smell something wrong, then he will jump up from his graveyard!!!
    Certainly, LKY will deal with Halimah who is not honest with her birth identity !!!
    Singaporeans believe that Halimah will step down very soon!

  6. She was selected eligible as candidates with experience in pushcarts food selling with her mother. And whereas the other candidate had experiences in their company listing in stocks and was not qualify.

  7. Perhaps.

    All future presidents must be house in HDB …

    so as to feel the Hdb living … if not even ministers and MP will not know those issues that affect the common people …. she did right and well !!!!! 100% support

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