Yishun resident spooked by stranger who asked about baby and made police report

Facebook user Aisah Sha Sha said that she made a police report that a stranger enquired if there was a baby in her neighbour’s flat. She expressed that she was spooked by the recent reports of strangers making unusual requests in HDB flats with young kids. The incident happened in Yishun.

The user’s post has gone viral with over 5,000 shares. She captioned her post saying:


sekarang da sampai Spore.
Be alert.just lock gate n door
☝?☝?☝?☝?☝?CHILDREN kidnapped from malaysia to thailand killed for organs from the child.. Be careful of your kids to and from school and shopping malls or anywhere MALAYSIA IS NOW FAMOUS FOR CHILD KIDNAPPING CASES !!!!!

sekarang kena berhati2 kalau di rumah.”