Yishun resident proudly posts video of him telling Starhub employee to “f!@# off”


A netizen’s probable attempts to gain a little street cred backfired after he posted a video of himself scolding a Starhub employee who visited his home to conduct a check on home internet services.

In the video, the man can be heard using profane language against the Starhub employee in what appears to be an unprovoked attack.

The man filming the 41 second video, Facebook user Desmond Koh, first asks the Starhub employee “So you go around knocking people’s door lah?” when the staff introduced himself.

When the staff confirms this, Koh can be heard saying “I don’t appreciate that.”

Taking a hint, the employee says “no problem” and moves to leave when Koh says, “F!@$ off, okay?”

The staff mumbled “sure” and hurried away.

Koh proudly published the video on social media, but soon removed it after he was widely condemned online.

Netizens excoriated Koh, that he could have just told the employee to leave if he was not interested instead of being needlessly rude to the young man who was probably just  trying to do his job and make ends meet.


  1. Question.
    Did StarHub actually send their staff to check on the resident line ?
    There is no need to scream at Sales staff at all. What the man did is wrong.
    Yet there are cases where elderly residents were con to sign up for packages.
    StarHub needs to clarify if this is indeed their staff and did they sent him down to check on the line.

  2. And we complain about Ah Tiongs ill behaviour. Surely we need to check on our own types.

    Another siow shouting at a Thai ground staff for flight delay voucher.

    Why bark up the wrong tree? Got guts go confront KBW n DK regarding MRT breakdowns n delay if not, STFU n be kind.

    • No need to be rude about it, don’t want to buy, don’t buy……surely got 1001 reasons if don’t want to buy, if cannot think at that moment, put your head into a jar but just don’t be rude….cos it serves no purpose…..don’t believed, take a count ten seconds after saying it, don’t feel bad? then looked into the mirror and you will see the Monster for what it is…..lol

    • I suspect the asshole was expecting the starhub guy hence the moment he opened the door, he spewed negativity.

      He thought he was going to shame the poor guy but got backfired instead.

    • I agree with you Kris. We can excuse Ah Tiongs for their uncouthed behaviours. But our own locals behaviours are sometimes as bad if not worse. Another surprising characteristic is many of these rotten apples are respectable individuals in the society.

  3. You’d boast about winning the lottery, for helping an elderly, for chancing upon the best eatery somewhere in the world. Why boast about being in the wrong? If he wants to attract controversy and more internet hits, then why remove the video? So proud of it then keep it up there.

  4. To video resident:
    Everyone r struggling for a simple living. It is not easy to go door knocking . Just tell them not interested. Tats all. No need to behv like hooligan. I always gv these pple a cold can of drinks to gv them some motivation even i m not interested.

  5. it just a sales talk la. they are salesman trying to close internet line sales when you have a broadband now it comes with a house line for free so most used it as a addition point to sales talk. But most of them just info them not interested or you already have a package they go off no need to scold or raise your voice or even like the video guy used 4 letter word at them thinking he very powerful chasing a door salesman away. If you can go SMRT and chase CEO away than I say you power

  6. I was from Nee Soon, then ‘upgraded’ to Yishun and stayed there for many years…and never once was I rude to anyone who came to my door!
    The Cunt who took this video deserves one solid throat punch…and maybe a kick or two to the back of his head to drive some manners into it!!!

  7. Hey dude… be proud of yourself… u hv shown the whole world via FB via internet connection dat he is nothing but an asshole n dat you, yes you are the BIGGER MAN‼️for dat i salute you bro‼️‼️

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