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Yishun may not have any serial cat killers




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26 cat deaths have occurred in Yishun since September last year, but only 2 confirmed deaths have been due to abuse. Of the 26 cat death cases, 18 had been sent to AVA’s laboratory for post-mortems. Eight had been buried or disposed of before the authorities were alerted to the cases.
Last month one suspected cat abuser, a man who threw a cat from the 13th floor of a block of flats in Yishun was arrested. The other alleged abuser was arrested last weekend, and the dead cat was from his own household.
The Singapore Police Force and (SPF) and Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA) reported yesterday that investigations are ongoing, but that 7 cats which died in Yishun most probably did not because of animal cruelty.
Three were victims of road accidents, three others had fallen from height and one cat had died from natural causes.
In the latest incident of a black-and-white cat found dead on a grass patch at Yishun, it has been confirmed as a case of a fall from height.
yishuncatContrary to the claims of some groups which care for community cats, AVA said that their post-mortems of the cases in Yishun found no evidence of poisoning or cats found with their tongues slit.
The post mortem done of the remaining 19 carcasses showed evidence of external traumatic incident, which refers to death from blunt force, this however could be “due to being hit by a car, hit by a heavy object or fall from height”, said AVA.
“But the post-mortem showed insufficient evidence of abuse,” said Director of Animal Management Department at AVA Alvin Goh.
MP for Yishun GRC, Louis Ng, had said last month that he was pleased to announce that the police had arrested one male suspect with regard to the cat killings in Yishun.
Some publications however, had perpetuated that there was a serial cat killer on the loose in Yishun.
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