Yet another faulty lift at Sengkang East Way traps 70-year-old in lift for 40 minutes

Mr Lee Keng Duan was trapped at lift in Sengkang East Way for 40 minutes. Photo credits: TODAY

Just two days after a 10-year-old girl was injured in a lift accident at Block 325A, Sengkang East Way, the second lift at the same block broke down on Friday afternoon, trapping 70-year-old retiree Mr Lee Keng Duan in the lift compartment for 40 minutes.

This latest incident occurred after Building & Construction Authority made a statement on 9 June, stating, “Our engineers also inspected the other lifts in the same block as well as four other lifts with similar design in the vicinity.”

Mr Lee was stuck between the first and second floor of the HDB block and found that he could not call anyone as his mobile phone did not have reception in the lift. Fortunately, neighbour Mr Sanjay Pandey passed by the lift and alerted Ang Mo Kio Town Council.

Mr Panday and his wife, Mdm Mohini, are the same neighbours who helped the Chung family when their daughter was struck by a lift light cover that had collapsed on Wednesday.

Mr Panday, a workplace safety and health officer, in speaking to TODAY said that lift breakdowns at this block are common. He added: “This is very worrying, it is the school holidays, and imagine that there are kids who might be stuck in the lift if they happen to be inside.”

Mr Lee echoed Mr Panday’s sentiments saying: “This lift has been always breaking down. I’m not so scared for myself, but I worry that my granddaughter could get trapped one day.”

Another resident of Block 325A, 60-year-old Mdm Lim B.C. said that she was bruised when one of the faulty lifts suddenly shut, hitting her arm. She has noted that the open-door button on the lift that trapped Mr Lee has been defective for some time, adding: ““I had to block it from shutting on my two-year-old granddaughter one time. These days, it is scary whenever I take the lift. They must do more checks, and not only when something happens, then it’s too late.”

AMKTC has yet to comment on this latest lift incident.



  1. few yrs back, Sengkang West lift trap many people and last for almost WHOLE month and yet TC never flag it as top priority, till resident called wanbao and newpaper to publish, then finally solved, And also AMK TC

  2. How come MPs and Ministers not saying they ‘treat the case seriously ….’ or will they say ‘good for residents to do some exercise once in a while …’

    • They all pull in effort to champaign against milk manufacturers, where got time to show concern about lifts, something they knew they can’t solve..

    • BCA made statement that they took matter seriously . Why no accountability on the main contractors end/ HDB / MND in ensuring items that form part of the HDB construction conform to specification and are maintained based on vendors prescribed maintenance routine?

  3. Meanwhile the AMK GRC MP LHL decided to go on leave today (10 Jun) despite 2 lift incidents happened on 07 & 09 Jun…. noting AMK TC (under MP LHL) has an UNBEATABLE RECORD of lift mishaps fr 2014 to now.
    Compared that agst DPM Tharman who rushed (fr a LONG FLIGHT after an IMF mtg in Peru) to visit an old auntie who lost her hand in a lift incident.
    Can we all agree if AMK residents dun vote for NEW PAP next GE, we may get a more caring PM Tharman?

  4. Please read carefully. BCA engineers INSPECT the lifts. Inspect only, see with their eyes. That’s inspection. They did not test, adjust, examine, troubleshoot or maintain. So don’t listen to their bullshit.

  5. Dear citizens, just suffer in silent and bite the bullet, because we are all have been brained wash by the PAP everything the government do is always right and we the poor citizens of Singapore has pledge ourself to be obedient and listen to the Government regardless of our lives, suffering in order to maintain the progress of the salary of our ministers and so as to maitain peace for their families.

  6. No use la..My lift in Yishun..Sigma brand..u go in press t level..t door won’t buzzle..but when u step go up.KNN got ghost.Complain ..they come chk…same thing happen again n again.

  7. Caught in a lift can cause a life! Especially there no oxygen….. there’s no intercom… Hopefully the authorities will take things very seriously before unsuspected happened!!!

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