Yet another dispute joins recent chain of Kopitiam fights, this time at Jurong West coffeeshop


Yet another dispute broke out between individuals at a coffeeshop last night, joining a growing list of Kopitiam fights in recent months. This latest fight took place between two men at the NTI Food Court at Block 964 Jurong West Street 91 around 10.40pm yesterday.

An eyewitness, Eddy, captured the altercation on camera and shared that the fight apparently involved a patron of a coffeeshop and a man who works at the food court. The men are believed to be friends.

Eddy added that he was not able to film one man who was allegedly “chased and tackled to the ground” and recounted: “The coffee shop boss had a heated argument with a customer. They started throwing tantrums at each other.”

In the video shared by Eddy, two men can be seen in a tussle as several others intervene and try to keep the men apart:

Yet another kopitiam fight — this time at Jurong West

Why do fights always break out at kopitiams? ????

Posted by Stomp on Wednesday, 4 April 2018


This latest fight comes just a few days after a video of a fight at a coffeeshop at Hougang Block 684 went viral online. In the video of the Hougang fight, a woman can be seen getting in the face of a man and taunting him, saying “This Singaporean. Come hit me.”

The man initially refuses and shouts, “I won’t hit a woman!” but later smacks the woman across the face. Curiously, the woman stands in front of the man for a few seconds looking as though she is proud for having successfully goaded him into hitting her before she appears to realise that it might be better to roll on the floor to show she has been hurt.

As the woman lays on the floor, she bizarrely takes her mobile phone out and appears to check it. Some netizens opined that it looks like she was taking a selfie.

During this time, the woman’s aggressive friend unsuccessfully tries to hit the man over the head with a glass bottle. The video ends as the tired man can be seen sticking his head firmly on a table at the coffeeshop:

Hougang blk 684

Posted by Andy Tang on Saturday, 31 March 2018

A couple weeks before this video went viral, four senior men were caught on camera violently fighting over one girlfriend:

Video of 4 senior men fighting over 1 ex-girlfriend at Yishun coffeeshop goes viral online