Ya Kun Kaya Toast staff allegedly films teenage boy relieving himself in male toilet


A teenage boy, Yule Han, has alleged that he caught a Ya Kun Kaya Toast staff working at Waterway Point filming him while he was relieving himself at a cubicle at one of the mall’s male restrooms.

Yule shared on Facebook that he was at the mall to watch a movie with his friend last week when the incident occurred:

“So basically, me and my friend Nicholas went to the toilet after watching a movie at Waterway Point. As the urinals were filled with people, I decided to go to the cubicle, so as my friend Nicholas.
“I was urgent to take a piss, so I went to a random cubicle (as anyone would). and did my business. I had a feeling that someone was watching me or felt that my friend Nicholas was disturbing me, hence I kept looking up onto the ceiling to make sure no one was doing anything funny.
“As I was about to finish, I looked up again and saw a phone pointing towards me from the top. Then, I immediately hurled out some vulgarities by accident, thinking that it was my friend. But when I came out, it was not my friend. Instead, my friend was in another cubicle, but not beside mine. I then quickly called my friend out. When he came out, I told him what happened, and the guy was still inside the cubicle. “

When the culprit exited the cubicle, the boys confronted him and demanded to check his phone. However, they discovered that the man had apparently deleted the footage from his phone.

Dissatisfied, the boys – who identified that the man worked at the local breakfast food franchise from his uniform – decided to follow him to his workplace:

“When the ‘dude’ came out, I requested to check his phone but he only showed me some pictures of his recent taken ones, I knew that he deleted them when he was inside. I kinda decided to let go of it as I didn’t want to pursue it further.
“However, my friend told me not to let go of it, so we decided to stalk him to his workplace at Ya Kun. When we reached the place, we decided to request to look through his phone. 
“We spotted some videos and pictures of other guys which were inside his gallery in a locked album, but it could be easily seen from the external part of the album. He started to deny that it wasn’t him and the videos were just there by itself, but his boss couldn’t defend him any further.”

Yule said that although he allegedly found evidence of suspicious activity, he chose to let the matter go. However, he had a change of heart when he realised the man could prey on other young boys and urged netizens who experience similar incidents to immediately report the matter to the police.

He also shared a photo of the alleged culprit:

After much consideration, I've decided to post this. I'll encourage EVERYONE to read this post because there might…

Posted by Yule Han on Friday, 27 October 2017


  1. Why never call police? They will arrest him confiscate his phone and raid his house take his computer and investigate forensic. All the videos of people peeing will sure recover.

  2. WTF is happening to our society..molest..rape…pin hole cam..shot underwear of ladys..steal panty…pinch buttock..having sex in Multi storey cp..
    JIAK LAK..

    • Its all because of ‘gadgets’ and total disrespect from the younger generation – having sex in multi storey car park. Confirm internet educated pair. Taking video of someone peeing. Is this for real???

  3. If u guys notice, almost every swimming pool in Singapore (public and even safra) the male shower room on the side panel there is always a small hole at height of waist.
    I wonder if this is the design or we have pervert going around opening holes to take video/picture of guys showering.
    Go check it put

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