Xiaxue, NMP: Good idea?


Obbana Rajah

Earlier this week, popular lifestyle blogger Xiaxue, also known as Wendy Cheng, released a video of a faux press conference where she answered questions regarding her candidacy.

The video was released as another episode of her show, ‘Xiaxue’s Guide to Life’, on local website clicknetwork.tv

In the video, she answers questions such as, how she has brought honour to Singapore, how she has rendered distinguished public service to the nation, how she is preparing for this nomination and if she will dye her hair black and put on less makeup to win over more conservative Singaporeans.

True to Xiaxue fashion, she says, “No. I am not going to dye my hair black. Stop asking me that question, that is just not going to happen.”

Then she adds, “Have you guys watched the episode on Guide to Life where I actually had black hair? Like literally nobody recognised me and that’s the worst feeling in the world. Can you imagine not being famous? Anyway, what has hair got to do with anything?”

Other than announcing her NMP nomination on social media, Xiaxue says that she has spoken to current NMPs in preparation of her nomination. Rolling her eyes, she said that they have advised her to wait a few more years before running.

The thirty-three year old expresses that her biggest fear would be falling asleep in parliament.

She adds, “[Parliament] goes on for hours and hours and you can’t use your phone. What kind of torture is that?”

When asked what issues she would raise, Xiaxue says, “Freedom of speech on the internet,… motherhood, parenthood or women issues”.

Majority of those who commented on the video were in favour of her being nominated.

The full video: