Xiaxue calls Minister K. Shanmugam out for playing identity politics on Facebook


By Phyllis Lee

On Thursday evening (Sept 14), Minister of Home Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam posted a photo of President Halimah Yacob with Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Chief Justice Sundaresh Menon on Facebook.

He captioned the photo: “Malay President, Chinese Prime Minister and Indian Chief Justice. Representation of Singapore.”

In response to this, Singaporean blogger Xiaxue wrote an 814-word long post accusing him, as well as the public, of playing identity politics on Friday (Sept 15).

She said: “Don’t play identity politics because it’s a slippery slope that never ends. You will end up dividing the nation as collectivism takes over, separating people by into divisive groups competing with each other for so called equality – when people are supposed to be treated as individuals.”

The well-known PAP supporter continued by pointing out the lack of representation for the female, agonist, atheist, LGBT, overweight, disabled, midget and less-educated communities in the Cabinet.

Moving on to the general public, she cited a popular tweet she saw, which said that only the Chinese were angry with the elections results, followed by a sarcastic “I wonder why”.

“We are all Singaporeans that didn’t get to vote, it’s natural we are upset. Please don’t make this a race thing. But hey this is an example of what identity politics do; divide people. You are Chinese? You are not part of my group,” she posted.

Xiaxue lamented that it’s a shame that Mdm Halimah isn’t recognised for her personal experience and achievements, but instead for her race and gender.

She concluded:
“At least if Singaporeans elected her we can say that as a nation we believed that a woman can do what is traditionally a man’s job and perhaps there is a little something to be proud of there, condescending as it is. But we weren’t even given that chance.
So continue to call her “Malay President” I suppose – by all means emphasize the fact that her race is why she got elected (is that the right word since there is no election), not by democratic choice for all her merits.
All of you know I’m a staunch PAP supporter. But I’m feeling pretty disillusioned tbh.”


  1. PAP always uses d fear tactic to scare us. Now they use d race card. I support yoyr call for d goverment to accept all of us as Singaporeans..n not as Chinese. Malay Indians etc.

    • Actually we don’t have to be pro-white or pro-blue as long as we live by right conscious and common sense understanding. Singapore desperately needs that principle.

  2. And this coming from none other than the Law Minister himself.

    Is he MAD? Stoking the flames of racism.

    Will hold him responsible n those eunuchs in the PAP trying to divide the simple folks, just to stay in power. We are one united people regardless of race religion or creed.

    Never allow evil politicians to sow dissension amongst the races. I count my Malay n Indian brothers and sisters as one big harmonious family.

    Evil politicians in the PAP playing the racial card have no place in our society. We need to be alert and call them out for who they are n VOTE THEM ALL OUT THIS COMING 2020GE

    Personally, evil politicians playing the racial card I would rate them in the same category as murderers and child rapists.

  3. Whole process is a mockery! From the time from Nair to Halimah….the existence of PE committee itself clearly is an artificial block to any suitable non-PAP candidates. If Singaporeans still do not realized that we being ‘cowed’ by these ‘?’ public leaders to protect their own bases of power…..say what you wish or don’t, Xiaxue, the joke is on the stupidity of Singaporeans – our freedom is worse than Hong Kong citzens. You cannot even choose a President!

    • So, we are looking at the next Olympics gold coming from either a Malay or an Indian athlete or swimmer. Also, we divide the Chinese into the various dialects and they rotate for President and Prime Minister. Say, what about companies’ CEOs?!?!

  4. During LKY days he avoided touching on topic that involves race or religion & for 50 years we have been living together as Singaporean & I “was” proud being one too.
    Barely just 2 and a half year after his death …. I don’t know why the men in white keep talking & touching on the topic about race what is their real intentions & purpose ?

  5. I’m afraid that even with all the true born singaporeans binding together it’s too little too late. The population ponzi has succeeded and achieved critical mass to displace the voice of real singaporeans

  6. Now we have a Malay President..a Chinese Prime Minister…an Indian Deputy Prime Minister. .an
    Indian Chief Justice…why no Sikh minister…why no Eurasian minister…why no baba minister…why no Indian Muslim minister…and so on and on…it will never end…if you want a race game…

  7. I kinda agree with XY. I am sure those ministers, scholars, etc who think they are intellectually superior, would have analysed the matter till death and arrived at outcomes, amongst many, similar to XY. I wonder why the government is willing to forego votes lost at the next GE. To gain or sustain what agenda ?

  8. can’t trust an old ugly prostitute ranting on heat. talk against group/race politics, then complaint that other groups are not included? disillusioned? not surprised. cpf 55 to cpf 65.

  9. If not now she has to declare TAX for her gifts receiving from her sponsors, u think she dares to backstab her beloved master? Remember her campaign slogan for her master? “Riding with the lightning”, now she kena strikes by lightning… Lol

  10. It’s time to get the Pest Terminator to rid these White Termites. They chew on your flesh, now flesh more, they chew on bones.

    These termites are trying to rid Seniors by stressing them to their death bed with Cashless Society with aim to reduce the huge subsidies on these seniors

  11. Since you want a chance to elect her and now that she is the President, isn’t the outcome the same?

    Unless the current result is not what you u want but yet that contradicts with your statement that you want a chance to elect her.

    Blended brain.

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