WSQ instructor failed participant because he refused to participate in discriminatory class exercise


Facebook user Gary CMQ shared a picture of a WSQ course material and shared that it was from a course his friend attended. Gary claimed that his friend was failed by the course instructor because he refused to participate in it because of the values he held.

We republish Gary’s Facebook note in full.

A friend of mine attended a WSQ course on effective communication and was appalled by the atrocious course material.

WSQ courses are government approved courses to help individuals improve their employability.

So apparently, the course instructor was trying to assess the participants’ ability in managing conflict and garnering consensus.

The assessment (refer to photo) required one to decide who to retrench based on their social backgrounds and personal circumstances.
1Retrenchment should only be based on one’s work performance. This assessment scenario is not only against our values of meritocracy, it is extremely amoral and discriminatory. I have no idea what the course instructor is trying to teach here.

My friend refused to partake in the assessment and the instructor decided to fail him. I don’t see why someone deserves to fail because he abstained from such shoddy course assessment.

WDA ought to have ample quality checks on their outsourcing of training.