Featured News WP's Low Thia Kiang: Do not be mistaken, I am not retiring...

WP’s Low Thia Kiang: Do not be mistaken, I am not retiring from politics

Mr Low said that he will continue to be in the political arena as a mentor figure by serving the people through "imparting knowledge" and "sharing his experience" with the younger generation working from the ground in WP




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Singapore — Former Workers’ Party (WP) Secretary-General Low Thia Kiang recounted his days as a Member of Parliament (MP) recently promising that he will still be working in politics from the ground-up.

In a video posted on Facebook, Mr Low, speaking in Mandarin, talked about the difficulties that he has faced for being Chinese-educated such as being discriminated in school and having people doubt his abilities to represent voters as in the 1991 General Elections when he was elected in Hougang.

“Despite the attacks and ridicules against me, I persisted in voicing out, because this is my conviction,” he said. In recounting his experiences in Parliament, he noted that he felt a “sense of frustration when changes were made despite objections” due to the “absence of strong opposition presence in Parliament.”

He mentioned how he has experienced lawsuits, “smear campaigns” and an “unlevel playing field in the political system” and is even more convinced now that Singapore needs a “rational and responsible opposition party.”

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He proceeded to thank Hougang and Aljunied supporters saying he owed his motivation in politics due to their “support” as being the “driving force.”

He urged that “establishing a rational and responsible political party is the key to ensuring a sound democracy in Singapore” and that “protecting the fairness and equality of society requires continuous effort and cannot be achieved by one person.”

Mr Low: Not retiring from politics

As part of his renewal plan for WP that he deemed an “important milestone”, he handed the role of Secretary-General to Pritam Singh in 2018 as he was sure that Mr Pritam will “bring the younger generation team forward.”

He gave his assurance, “Do not be mistaken, I am not retiring from politics.”

He will continue to be in the political arena as a mentor figure by serving the people by “imparting knowledge” and “sharing [his] experience” with the younger generation, working from the ground in WP.

Mr Low said he hopes to “groom politicians” who can debate effectively in Parliament against the ruling party and to “fight for the interests of the people.”

He looks forward to cultivating a new generation of politicians to establish a “rational, responsible and respected Workers’ Party” in order to work towards the ideal of a “First World Parliament”. He also questioned the ability of the ruling party to tide through the Covid-19 pandemic and recession, and whether they would take “good care” of the people “in need”.

He reminded the ruling party to “never” take the support of the people “for granted”, or as a “blank cheque for the Government to use at will.” -/TISG

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