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WP MPs serve residents equally “without any regard to political affiliation”: Leon Perera

MP-elect shares about a conversation he had with a PAP supporter during a house visit




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Singapore — Workers’ Party (WP) MP-elect Leon Perera has highlighted a recent meeting with a supporter of the People’s Action Party during one of his walkabouts and house visits.

Mr Perera said on Facebook on Saturday (July 25): “I met a lady who shared with us that she was a PAP supporter. She said that she does not want conflict and confrontation in Singapore.”

He said he explained three things to her.

The first point he stressed was that her views were relevant. “It’s a good thing to have political values and ideals, he said. “The most important role in a democracy is the role of (the) citizen.” He cited political apathy, the kind “that leads to voting for one party out of ignorance, fear or inertia, without making a well-informed, careful choice”, as the greatest danger to the PAP and the WP.

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The second point he made was about the significance of the WP’s work and that the opposition party prioritises Singaporeans. “We focus on improving life for Singaporeans. We don’t oppose for the sake of opposing. We treasure Singapore’s national unity, harmony and resolve.”

He also stressed the value in the opposition’s provision of checks and balances to the party in power as well as its call for transparency.

Furthermore, Mr Perera said that the alternative policy ideas¬† proposed by the WP contribute “to the dominant narrative”,¬† rooted in the opposition’s acknowledgment “that the PAP has no monopoly in wisdom”. To him, the WP’s role helps to secure Singapore’s future in case the PAP does not succeed.

Finally, the MP-elect for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency¬† stressed that he, along with the rest of his team, serve the residents in the GRC equally, “without any regard to political affiliation”. He added that the same can be said for all other WP MPs.

Mr Perera, who said that he encouraged her to reach out to him if she ever needed anything, ended his post with a brief message to the PAP supporter who had shared her thoughts with him. He wrote: “Madam, I hope you’re reading this and I hope we can keep in touch. I’m wishing you good health and happiness.” /TISG

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