Featured News WP member moved to tears at how Low Thia Khiang is treated...

WP member moved to tears at how Low Thia Khiang is treated by residents as AHTC trial rages on




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Workers’ Party (WP) member Cheryl Denise Loh shared on social media yesterday that she was moved to tears at how former WP secretary-general Low Thia Khiang is treated by residents, even as the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council (AHTC) trial rages on.

Cheryl wrote on Facebook that she accompanied the veteran opposition politician on a walkabout at Punggol East on Sunday and that she had to hold back her tears as she saw the way residents offered their encouragement to Low as the AHTC trial continues in court.

In a post that has gone viral with over 800 reactions on Facebook, Cheryl wrote:

“While being tin holder for Mr Low at Hammer outreach yesterday at Punggol East, I managed to hear first hand – the many residents’ kind support and words of encouragement to him.
“At times, I even found myself holding back tears.
“I was really touched that regardless of age or race, many came up to talk with him or simply a pat on his shoulder.
“Thank you all, as it really made my Sunday a bright one having seen such empathy and full confidence in Mr Low.”

Cheryl’s post comes on the back of other Facebook posts by WP NCMP Dennis Tan Lip Fong and WP’s official Facebook page of community outreach activities over the weekend, that sparked hundreds of Singaporeans to shower praise upon the opposition party for their hard work and dedication even as their party leaders face the intense AHTC trial.

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Netizens responding to Cheryl’s and Dennis’ posts encouraged Low and the WP to keep their heads high and asserted that Singaporeans can see “who is really out to serve” them and that they know the WP is “being fixed”:





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