WP files four parliamentary questions about Keppel corruption case to ask PM Lee and Heng Swee Keat


Parliamentarians from the Workers’ Party (WP) have filed four questions on the Keppel corruption case, according to the Party’s assistant secretary-general Pritam Singh.

One of the Members of Parliament (MP) for Aljunied Group Representation Constituency (GRC) – the only GRC an opposition party presently holds in Singapore – Singh noted that no ruling party MPs have filed questions on the corruption scandal which gripped headlines when news broke last week that the government-linked company Keppel Corporation’s offshore and marine unit must pay a whopping US$422m fine to settle corruption charges.

Singh described news of the scandal as a shocking revelation on Facebook:

“Amidst the shocking revelation of what must be one of the largest corruption scandals in the history of Singapore’s Government Linked Companies, I was most surprised to see the virtual absence of any substantive information on this scandal on the AGC or CPIB websites except a brief media statement on the conditional warning given to Keppel, something made even more curious in view of Keppel’s denial over a year ago that its top executives were even involved in giving out bribes for contracts.”

He further revealed that the four questions on the case will be posed by himself, WP chairperson Sylvia Lim and WP MP Png Eng Huat to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Finance Minister Heng Swee Keat. The questions are:

Ms Sylvia Lim: To ask the Prime Minister (a) whether the penalty of US$422 million to be paid by Keppel Offshore & Marine Ltd for corrupt payments between 2001 to 2014 to officials of Petroleo Brasileiro SA and Brazil’s then ruling party was part of a three-nation plea bargain agreement, involving United States, Brazil and Singapore, and Keppel companies; and (b) what are the considerations in reaching such arrangements, which have implications on local law enforcement and prosecutorial decisions.

Mr Pritam Singh: To ask the Minister for Finance in respect of Keppel Offshore and Marine’s (KOM) agreement to pay a US$422 million fine as part of a three-nation corruption probe settlement (a) whether the US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) Deferred Prosecution Agreement on the KOM corruption probe settlement, or any other agreement, includes any condition that prevents the public disclosure of the identities of the Singaporeans who are involved; and (b) when does the Government expect the CPIB and AGC to formally complete investigations and to charge the individuals in question in view of the criminal findings made against KOM by the US DoJ.

Mr Png Eng Huat: To ask the Prime Minister (a) how much more time will the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) need to complete the investigations in respect of the Singaporeans involved in the Keppel Offshore & Marine (KOM) corruption case since KOM and its wholly-owned US subsidiary, KOM USA, have agreed to pay more than US$422 million in penalty to resolve corruption charges of paying about US$55 million in bribes to secure contracts; and (b) how far back in time will CPIB go to in its investigation into the Singaporeans involved since the corrupt activities were committed as early as 2001.

Mr Pritam Singh: To ask the Minister for Finance (a) how many Singapore Government-Linked Companies (GLCs) or their subsidiaries locally or overseas have been investigated or continue to be investigated by local or overseas authorities for corrupt practices over the last 30 years; and (b) what role do the Ministry and Temasek Holdings play to ensure that GLCs or their subsidiaries do not engage in corrupt practices when conducting business overseas.

Keppel O&M Corruption Scandal——————————–The last day to file Parliamentary Questions for the 8…

Posted by Pritam Singh on Thursday, 28 December 2017

Will the PAP Government prosecute the 5 former Keppel senior executives named in Brazilian court?


  1. Haha….end day wondering how scapegoats….n they are not at fault. Own self check oneself have been in their policy. Lets SEE how the govt handle. WORLD is watching closely…..to see …..a well respected S’pore

  2. As usual, Pinky and Ah Heng will twist and turn everything and then deflect. They will then cast aspersions on WP and talk ad nauseum about the same old crap about the town council case, blah blah.

  3. Shouldn’t the huge million dollar fines be used to offset all the increases they intend to suck from the people ie increases in water , electricity etc ? Got logic ? Paying fines overseas n sucking blood from own people when they are struggling with the high cost of living

  4. This will show to gullible Singaporeans who are PAP supporters that we can’t continue with a ONE-PARTY system….. it will eventually destroy us !!!

    • When the majority of support are dumb and stupid, we will continue to have an incapable ruling party. Also 3rd world citizens with 3rd world mentality adds to this as well. the stupid local citizens should leave and go to 3rd world to live so singapore will be able to move forward and not backwards. If they are not the solution means they are party of the problem.

  5. Singapore is going south under the present government! It’s a sad day for the squeaky clean republic. Current PAPies are an embarrassment to the old guards.

  6. No one in the ruling party will dare questions thier boss la..

    All of them knows the rules of the game.
    Just keep quiet n wait for pay day to pay for LV bag for thier wives..
    New car for their children

  7. Wonder what happen to the best of the best thinkers members of the responsible Gov. agencies were doing while all these less than normal business practices were happening under their watch ?
    Especially what were those agencies that are responsible for up keeping the squeaky clean image of our country doing to have allow such serious lapses to happen in the business organization of our country?
    This is serious matter that affect our Country good reputation and standings built up in the past years since independent day under the late PM LKY and it must not be tarnished by some irresponsible game players in the corporate owned by the country!!
    A public hearing should be in the order to get to the root of the problem ! Set our Country back on the zero tolerance corrupt free nation track !!!
    Our country’s past 50years of hard work and diligent to keep out corruption must not be tarnished by some top corporate honcho’s bad decision , God forbid!!!

  8. This saga and the many others of similar color prove LTK was right in cautioning that Sg need a well balanced opposition representation in the law maker house for the very reason that if the white dog should turn rotten !!!

  9. Singaporeans keep saying we don’t have an effective Opposition.That is not true. You can have the best Opposition but if they are not in parliaments in greater numbers there is nothing much they can do. So it is you Singaporeans who are to be blame for being fearful that should the PAP not succeed in getting re-elected Singapore will fail. THAT IS TOTALLY UNTRUE. Singapore is run by the Civil Service, if the civil service fail Singapore will fail. Just like the SMRT if it fails than you know what to expect. So come next GE replace all these military idiots. Do ever believe they are experience. They are not. They are YES men who are there because $$$$$$$ is attractive. And will they go against their bossess? Unlikely.

  10. SGX all quiet here! Keppel isn’t a public-listed company on SGX? I’m sure the spin doctors are very busy coming up with excuses. No blame cultures here. Are we stupid? Do yr part…next GE.

  11. Ppl said we do not have an effective opposition. What we fear is an ineffective Gov which is what we had since LHL took over. Sorry to those LHL cult followers…some of us has been through 3 different leaders and we can better judge ourselves.

  12. This is why we need to vote in MORE (not less) capable and honest people into Opposition in Parliament to have checks and balances; and to have transparency and accountability! Singaporeans need to be cognizant that the current PAP is not the same as and cannot match the selfless pioneer PAP.The Opposition should also get its act together and offer honest and capable candidates

  13. One admirable Japanese trait…the nobility/big bosses enjoy the adulation/$ in good times…when something goes horribly wrong,of human failings…they accept full responsibility(now no Hara kiri),do the honourable thing..Apologise And Step Down.Nobody is Indispensible

  14. haha lol I thought last time Mr Lee said that gov ppl paid with high pay will not have corruption . now it even bigger corruption . Pay N Pay now big mistake no one dare to say anything maybe current Mr Lee can say something.

  15. They will just go parliament and claim that there’s NO corruption and full stop. Cry and tears a bit here and there…. End of story. Next day, everything back to Normal. Familiar?

  16. Gov is well corrupted, self appoint positions , self arrangements of wages and uses its law to protect themselves. We cannot do anything because of many of us are too afraid of any repercussions to even vote for other parties!

  17. The PAP claimed we don’t need an Opposition because their own MPs will asks hard questions in Parliament.
    The only sound we hear from the folks in white is the sound of silence.

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