“WP does not oppose for the sake of opposing” – WP pledges in party pamphlet distributed at PAP-held GRC

Singapore’s only opposition party that presently hold seats in parliament, the Workers’ Party (WP), appears to have distributed party pamphlets at a Group Representation Constituency (GRC) that is held by the ruling party.

Sharing photos of the pages of the pamphlet, Redditor u/zuoboO2 shared online that he saw the brochure at his doorstep yesterday.

In the comments section, the Reddit user expressed surprise that the pamphlet was delivered to him since he does not live in the WP-held Aljunied-Hougang town and revealed that he lives in a GRC in the east, helmed by five MPs.

The pamphlet shares information about the WP, particularly who members of the party are, what the party seeks to achieve, and some of the important issues the party has taken a stand on in Parliament. WP further pledges that it “does not oppose for the sake of opposing” and sets out the three core outcomes that it seeks to help achieve in Singapore.

Here is the full text of the pamphlet:

“Walking with Singapore, working for you.
“We are Singaporeans from all walks of life, volunteering to serve you and Singapore. The Workers’ Party (WP) stands for equal opportunity, mutual respect and a caring society. WP pursues rational and responsible politics in the interest of Singapore.
“A Government can’t check itself. We listen to your concerns, fears and hopes, and make them heard in Parliament.
“WP seeks to build a Singapore where: 1) our youth have the freedom to develop to their full potential; 2) our families have greater social support and income security; and 3) our elderly can retire with dignity and peace of mind.
“We pledge to work for you diligently, improving your estate and keeping the Government in check. We are grateful for the support of residents in delivering a pleasant living environment in Aljunied-Hougang town. We strive to deliver town council estate management that is responsive to your needs.
“We voted NO to the GST increase to 9% after 2021. We voted NO to the 6.9m Population White Paper. We questioned the amendments to the Elected Presidency.
“WP does not oppose for the sake of opposing. We supported good Government policies and proposed improvements in areas such as education, healthcare and jobs.
“WP is made up of dedicated Singaporeans of all walks of life, or various ages, male and female, bound by our desire to serve you and the nation.”