Woodlands hawkers forced out of Food Centre grapple with 100% rental hike in replacement food court


Stallholders forced out of Woodlands Centre Road Food Centre due to the Selective En-Bloc Redevelopment Scheme (SERS) were shocked to find that they have to grapple with a 100 per cent increase in rent and 66 per cent increase in cleaning fees at the replacement food court they have been assigned to.

Some 50 hawkers are due to move to the replacement food centre along Woodlands St 12 on 1 Dec 2017, as Blocks 1A to 6A at Woodlands Centre Road – where the old food centre was located – will be demolished as part of SERS.

Hawkers expressed their distress over the greatly increased cost of operations at a meeting with officials from Housing Development Board (HDB) and National Environment Agency (NEA), earlier this week at Marsiling Community Club.

One first-generation stallholder revealed that rent at the old Woodlands Centre food court costs $160 and cleaning fees cost $280. Rent at the replacement food centre will cost double the current price, at $320.

Cleaning fees at the new replacement food centre will initially cost $92.50 more than the current $280 rate, at $372.50 – until, that is, it climbs to a whopping $465 from June next year.


While some hawkers concluded that they will need to seek assistance from government schemes to mitigate the increased costs, others lamented that they have no choice but to hike the price of their food to cope with the sharp rise in operating costs.

Their only hope is that their customers will understand that the drastic decision to hike food prices has only been made since their circumstances grow more dire.



  1. For nearly 35 years, they have enjoy the supper low rent withhigh volumne. It is only recently that the volumn of customer actuall drop. Before making a comment,can anyone tell how many customer a day they serve. The rent and cleaning charges is less than S$30.00 per day. Dont want ot do, gtive ot me la, I do.

    • Hi, before u make such a comment. Can pls try to relate that even if there no increment in their rental for past years, there are also other factors to consider that are already affecting them? Like rising ingredients costs, labour cost, tax and CPF contribution ?

      Their work are usually not easy, other than the drink stalls.

      The stall vendors selling cooked food have to work for very long hours, a lot of preparation involved and despite that they are not able to charge too much for their food else it will affect their business.

      Most of the stall holders are gradually aging and thus won’t be able to work for long hours which of course will affect their income.

      Plus how u know they are all making big bucks??

      Pls don’t forget that most of them are not literate thus they know little or nothing about investment and because of this most of them are without health insurance unlike us who know basic financial planning. They are literally at a disadvantage.

      Pls be more observant and mindful when you are outside. Try spending some time to observe and talk to them so that u r able to relate what they are going through. If you don’t step out of your comfort zone you won’t be able to relate to the suffering of others thus give such insensible comment.

      Thank you.

  2. In a city that is not democratic but one where expats love the lifestyle this is no news to me as the almighty $ bought by the oil company’s the industries that see S.E Asia as fertile ground to increase their billions then the ordinary Singaporean has little hope of the expat hired as a local who strives to have a job then finds maybe he/she can hire a room. If you are fortunate to be a teacher @ one of the international schools you will be taken care of BUT if you are fortunate to get a job @ SAS ( Singapore Anerican School.) then you will live in luxury you will not want to leave. A city of irony.

  3. Hi, we dare say that most hawkers if not ALL voted for PAP, no matter how Hugh and far they appeal its still there own party people. Do you think they will dispute each other? If they do, they will only undermine themselves n lose some face. With a ‘one party’ system, no othet voice will represent them. So- to all these hawkers who voted for them, we congratulate and tell them : “serve you right”, to swallow what you voted for.