Woman’s attempt to shame Queensway Sec student for not sharing bus seat with her backfires


Facebook user Rosalind Lim’s attempt to shame a teenager for not sharing a bus seat with her backfired, when netizens criticised her instead.

The incident occurred when Lim boarded bus 145 and found a Queensway Secondary School student occupying a seat with his schoolbag placed on the empty seat beside him.

Writing on Facebook last Friday, 19 Jan, Lim recounted that she asked the boy to remove his bag so she could sit at which point the boy turned to ask the passenger behind him to make some space for Lim instead:

“Queensway Secondary School student took 2 seats even after I asked to remove bag to release the seat! He simply turned behind and asked the lady behind to let me sit! What nerves! Is this what is happening to our kids!”

Netizens responding to Lim’s post largely criticised her instead and asked her why she couldn’t move on if there were other seats available in the bus:


  1. i dont get it. is there mentioned of available seats somewhere as some suggested? seem many jump into conclusion.

    second, why are people justifying it is ok for a teen to put his bag on a seat meant for others? this is basic manners.

    why is everyone shaming the poster when it is indeed the kid is wrong?

  2. Queensway Secondary School, your student isn’t living up to your school mission, “Providing a holistic education to nurture caring, responsible citizens and confident, life-long learners in a changing world”. It’s time for the school to reinforce the message.

  3. Okay. That just isn’t right and me voicing out here might not be the best place, judging by the comments. The lady asked for a specific seat on a public bus; while it is reasonable by way of a common social contract that persons are deserving of suspicion if they demand for a specific seat and thus may be refused, but since there was no indication that she was deserving of suspicion or that the student is cognizant of such a possibility, seeing as how relaxed he appears in the picture, such as to render it reasonable for him to refuse her a seat on a PUBLIC BUS, for him to point to another seat and force inconvenience unto another passenger is just emblematic of a social malaise that made some of the youth of this generation pretentious, narcissistic, hedonistic pigs. And yes, one bad apple is enough to spoil the barrel- if the occurrence of a single deviation of a uniformly disbursed education has produced an anomaly like the poser- I am inclined to think so from the photo-, then chances are, like with roaches, there is bound to be more. Yes. I am saying the kid is in the wrong and that there exists a community condoning his reaction to her request shows just how deep the decay of social values now runs. This is just plain bullying. Sure. She could have gone else where to sit, but as with the person who felt justified to place his bag on a seat, she is equally justified to feel entitled to the seat intended for sitting. So to be honest, between 2 paying passengers who are entitled to position themselves anywhere they want in the bus, the seats being intended for use by passengers to sit on makes it right for her to feel annoyed when her reasonable request was dismissed by a some punk.

  4. This days there are many spoiled brats in our country. Most are spoiled by their parents. They are very selfish, over sensitive and protective. Every parent loves their child but your love shouldn’t make the child a nuisance to others. No man is an island. We must have good values so our country grows up to a respectable standing. No use having educated but very poor in values. It seems some parents here think all that matters is study and make tons of money. Doesn’t matter if they pimp and con. Money alone is king. Good luck to such society, sure rot and die.

  5. Children will be after all children…. resort to the act of shaming would be too much … Proper guidance can be a better way of cultivate good behavior and if all else fail and you feel you have the responsibility to do something , reflect such an incident by writing in to respective school so they can brief their students during assembly . This is a matter of courtesy , non criminal offense unlike those who are riding the Evehicles “reckless” on the roads , police assistance isn’t necessary .
    As long as you are sure such an act you are reporting is wrong , you jolly well don’t need the approval of the others to support your claim.In some instances , public shaming should be put to a stop .

  6. Aiyoyo. Some of you really need to go back school to learn 2 things!
    What is.living thing?
    What is non living thing?
    The row.of seats are meant for passenger to sit. They are living. They are mobile. Bags and plastic bags and boxes are non living. They can’t think and form judgement. So, passenger may then place it on your lap, floor but not on seat. Don’t be selfish! Others pay for the fare. They have right to “empty” seat. Go through the thinking process and.just put down your butt and dump your bag next to you. Think further…..

  7. No worries. I think the school has done much to teach and inculcate good values to the students.
    Some of the students are just not enlightened yet and need more time to mould their characters.

    Personally, I felt Singapore education brings too much emphasis on academic and should have shifted their focus on character building and team building. Of course, as us parents have the share of responsibilities.

  8. Personally, I think the lady is trying to bring awareness of what our society has become than shaming cos the identity of the kid is not exposed in the media.
    Rather be there are people or not, it is not good habit not to hog the seat with bags. good social etiquettes begins on the little things we do..