Woman’s attempt to shame Queensway Sec student for not sharing bus seat with her backfires


Facebook user Rosalind Lim’s attempt to shame a teenager for not sharing a bus seat with her backfired, when netizens criticised her instead.

The incident occurred when Lim boarded bus 145 and found a Queensway Secondary School student occupying a seat with his schoolbag placed on the empty seat beside him.

Writing on Facebook last Friday, 19 Jan, Lim recounted that she asked the boy to remove his bag so she could sit at which point the boy turned to ask the passenger behind him to make some space for Lim instead:

“Queensway Secondary School student took 2 seats even after I asked to remove bag to release the seat! He simply turned behind and asked the lady behind to let me sit! What nerves! Is this what is happening to our kids!”

Netizens responding to Lim’s post largely criticised her instead and asked her why she couldn’t move on if there were other seats available in the bus: