Woman who threw raw pork on Muslim neighbours’ doorstep sentenced to 2 years mandatory psychiatric treatment


63-year-old Lee Dji Lin was found guilty yesterday of harassing and intentionally wounding the religious feelings of her Muslim neighbours.

Lee repeatedly harassed her neighbour Ms Marliah Jonet in June 2016. On 14 June 2016, Ms Marliah found Lee holding a bamboo pole with a pair of panties attached to one end, trying to swing the pole towards the window of Ms Marliah’s apartment in Tampines.

Four days later, Ms Marliah found a slab of raw pork on her doorstep. When her daughter reviewed CCTV footage from the camera they had installed outside their home, they found that the culprit was Lee.

The court also heard that Lee had taunted Ms Marliah with a pig-shaped figurine and by calling her “babi,” meaning pig in Malay.

Lee has been diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder and so, was sentenced to mandatory treatment for 2 years.

Lee could have faced a jail term of up to six months, a fine up to S$5,000, or both for harrassment. For intending to wound the religious feelings of her neighbours, she could have been jailed for up to three years and/or fined.


  1. As a Singaporean Chinese, l am ashamed that after 50 years such idiot still exist. We r seriously going backward until current scum party. Singaporean minority communities have every rights to be angry. SPF did nothing for 2 years. Now, the kangaroo court judgement will not deter similar act.

  2. I think our law should relook, if people cannot get alone, let them relocate then. This is one of the manys, negative result to put people who does not see eye to eye anymore. She does not know her stand and acted so drastically, so silly!

  3. Now then u realise. Majority are b coming more stupid. And our infrastructure failing like 3rd world. We are already there. Singapore is the New 3rd world. We have so many of them here thanks to our New Pap

  4. It’s hard to understand when someone who behaves abnormally and offends you. Mental problems are not easily understood. So while I don’t condone anything she has done, I’m mindful yeah people have depression, bipolar or other mental issues that the average person cannot comprehend. So all we do is judge, and not understand how mixed up it can be in the mind of a mental unwell person. Just saying

  5. That’s bullshit , grow so balls you weak pricks , gutless Singapore parisites , just eat the pork just who fucking cares ….really grow up , buy her a cup of tea , she is mature aged ….really !!

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