Woman whacks man with umbrella in viral Hougang brawl video


A video showing a group brawl at a Singapore carpark has been trending online. The incident reportedly occurred at Block 644 Hougang Ave 8, although it is unclear when it took place.

In the video, several men and a woman can be seen having a heated argument before matters grow worse when the woman raises the black umbrella she is holding and begins whacking one of the men.

The fight only deescalates when other members of the group intervene and one of them snatches the woman’s umbrella away from her. The group disperse from the scene shortly after.

The video, which was posted on Facebook by netizen Kelvin Ho, has accumulated 121,000 views so far, over 1,700 shares and hundreds of likes so far:

2017年的雨????️傘☔️妹???? At Hougang Blk 644

Posted by Kelvin Ho on Thursday, 28 December 2017



  1. SG is too overcrowded due to increase in population. I believe this sort of mini confrontations bounces to happen, every day I think. Many are not reported on the internet unless fatal cases. So, it seems this is a normal daily occurrence.

  2. ⛺With Singapore opening the floodgates from North, South, East and West, our society is becoming uncivilized
    Those living in the castle, will not not witness the ugly market place, especially our trains are packed like sardines even at off-peak hours, our dishonourable son is still distributing new citizenships to those young and energetic but did not tax them heavily so as to support our senior citizens with universal basic income ⛳⛵✈

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