Woman rain-dancing for 8 hours in underwear


A 39-year-old woman was fully absorbed in her “square dance” continuously for eight hours at Bedok Town Centre on September 10, during which she stripped down to her underwear.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, the woman started her solo burlesque at around 7am. The onlookers described the incident as “out of blue”.

According to eyewitnesses, they did not pay much heed at first until it got increasingly strange. The woman started swaying both arms about while remained feet crossed and rooted to the ground firmly.

Until about 3pm, eight hours later, she had been dancing in the same way throughout, except changing arm motions from “left-and-right” to “up-and-down”, despite it had a thunderstorm for a period of time.

Later, she stripped down to her underwear openly, presumably because her dress had been soaked by rain. She then started strolling around the square.

By then, the onlookers had started feeling odd, phoning the police immediately.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the woman. A police officer verified that the woman is 39 years old and is understood to be of Vietnamese descent.

She is under a psychiatric assessment and a health checkup at Institute of Mental Health (IMH) while accompanied by her family.


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