Woman lashes out after being accused of attempting to abduct child


A Mdm Zhou has taken to Facebook to share her side of the story after she was accused of trying to abduct a girl at Compass One shopping centre over the weekend. She has also lodged a police report against the accuser for allegedly spoiling her reputation.

Facebook user David Voo had uploaded photos of Zhou online and claimed that he saw her failing at her “mission” of abducting a lost child in the mall. He said that he had heard a mother calling out to her lost child when Mdm Zhou appeared with the child and returned her with the mother.

Voo had said, “This lady look lost and stand there like mission failed. I’m not sure if this lady is fishy anot…but she gives me a feeling she is. She looks like prc…and she is still roaming around here…”

In her response, Zhou has asserted that she was only trying to escort the lost child to the information counter when the girl’s mother appeared. She said that her only intention was to help the child as she could understand the anxiety the girl and her mother would be feeling, since she is a mother herself:

Zhou has said that this incident has hurt her deeply. She requests that netizens reach out to Voo to convince him of her innocence and for him to remove his post and apologise to her for this “painful” experience.

I am Mdm Zhou – I am the lady that David Voo pointed the arrow to. This incident happened to me at Compass One on 15 Jul…

Posted by Mdm Zhou on Tuesday, 18 July 2017


    • Quite fascinating. You don’t underestimate their language prowess. Many years ago, I met someone who worked as the receptionist at a high class night club. She told me that the ladies were statuesque, spoke English well and Mandarin very well – they were from places such as Shanghai. There are many stories, why there is a boom in pre-owned handbags etc.

  1. Anyone who want to post on facebook, please be responsible. Don’t simply post it. Always has this in mind, if one of your belove been posted on something unintentional, his or her whole life can be ruined and how do you feel. Be a responsible facebook user

  2. You piece of garbage David Voo…..anyhow accuse innocent people ……might as well say that a man giving directions to your mother was trying to rape her CCB……you retarded dog pls reflect on your actions….

  3. I agree with you. Someone suggest in the forum not to long ago that if we see any of the sharsd bikes parked at wrong place we can help by parking them properly. In my view it is not advisable because if that bike was used in committing a crime and DNA test traced to us, we will be in trouble. So better mob these days.

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