Woman in coma stage after being knocked down by Malaysian biker – children appeal for witnesses


Jeff Joseph Lim and Lim Kuei Mei are appealing for eyewitnesses or video evidence of an accident that occurred on 31st May 2017, around 8.15am-8.30am, along Upper Thomson Rd heading towards Lornie Rd, before Sin Ming Ave. The accident victim, their mother, is in a coma stage claimed the duo.

“My mum was knocked down by a Malaysia Biker in that accident, and she is currently under sedation in ICU seeking treatment, therefore she couldn’t give her statement to the Traffic Police,” they said in their appeal.

Adding: “We are seeking any footage that captured the incident to help us know what actually happened, to aid any investigation needed.”

Anyone with information or video information may contact the investigation officer at 65476433. 


    • Because something bad can’t be perpetrated by Singaporeans. Must be foreigners. Easiest to blame Malaysians when it comes to vehicular incidents.

      But if they’re not xenophobes, it could be that the motorcycle plate is Malaysian instead of the normal Singaporean “F–“?

    • Terk M Ching If your mother is in coma you will be xenophobic and simply accuse an innocent party because he is foreign? You must have such a fixation for this xenophobic thing to totally miss out the reality.

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    • Loke Fook Seng eh… do you not understand sarcasm?! Dang. It’s pretty obvious even if it’s written.

      Also please fix up your comment. The poor English is messing up the articulation of your thoughts. Are you against xenophobia or pro-xenophobia?

  1. I have written to LTA n Traffic Police on many occasions but so far nothing has been done. When the green man is on, vehicles should not be allowed to “Turn Left or right. No vehicles will give way to pedestrians. On many occasions, pedestrians were nearly knock down at the junction of Woodlands Avenue 1 n Woodlands Avenue 3.

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