Woman falls to death from 19th floor of condo despite bystanders attempting to dissuade her


A woman fell from the 19th floor of the Interlace Condominium at Depot Road yesterday evening. It is believed that she is a Myanmar national who was working as a foreign domestic helper in Singapore.

SCDF officers were unable to rescue her.

At least three videos have been circulating online, showing the woman’s final moments. In two of the videos, the woman can be seen perched on the ledge of the 19th floor. In these videos, another lady attempts to dissuade the woman from jumping by asking her some questions. The woman who fell is responsive to the female speaker who can be heard repeatedly asking the woman, “Can you understand me?”

The third video captured the moment of impact and shocked screams from onlookers.

The said videos have been circulating in several social media sites. (Viewer discretion advised).

.singapore interlace at depot roadInnalillahi wainnailaihi rojiun Detik detik pembantu miyanmar b*n*h diri,blm tau…

Posted by Yuli Jepara on Monday, 12 June 2017

The case is currently under investigation.


  1. Fucking evil of you to post videos of someone’s dying moments to garner view clicks, they leave their country and family to make a living here, something drastic must have happened for her to take this road. PLEASE REMOVE THE VIDEO OUT OF RESPECT FOR HER!

  2. I will be unfollowing The Independent Singapore from now on. This portal used to be good cause you only shared Articles that have substance, but nowadays you are turning into a trashy portal like ASS, TRS or Mothershit.

    Trash site, i wish someone else will share videos or photos of your dying moments too. You people don’t even know what’s having respect for the dead.

  3. Please remove these videos from your site out of common human decency. And shame on those who took the videos/posted/watched them. I can only imagine the desperation that drove this poor lady to this act and those who made it a sick form of entertainment have her blood on your hands…

  4. WHAT THE ACTUAL F*UCK INDEPENDENT SG?!?! That is absolutely despicable of you to post those vids. How do you think that will make her family feel, or anyone that cared about her?! Poor poor woman. Shame, shame and more shame on you posting such a video for click bait you nasty-ass people.

  5. Very disheartened to hear of this domestic helper suicide. At 25 years of age, she took the risk from separating her family back home of coming here to earn a living. Imagine how her parents will feel when they hear her sudden death of jumping down. Whatever she faced here, I hope the Police will thoroughly investigate any wrong doings on the other part. Though it’s wrong to commit suicide, may her soul rest in peace.

  6. I drive taxi and send many “Mams & Myanmar maids”, 100/100 times I see the Myanmar maids are “like so young, as if underage”, working mainly for Northern Indians expats as well as Singaporean Indonesian & Pinoy families. Can look on their pale faces and tired red eyes that these underaged maids have been mistreated and abused in the families.

    • One time I send a family from AP to their home. Wifey,” call The Maid to cook noodles and fried eggs for boy boy” Hubby called. Wifey,” get her to come out of the house to carry the luggages in 25mins’ time”. Hubby to Wifey,” she don’t understand fried egg?! Sunny side up or Omelette lah, dear?'” Wifey to Maid,” later I get home you gonna get it!!! Boy boy likes his fried egg how? Sunny or Omelette!!!?” WAH PIANG, got family talk to maid like that one ah?

  7. Her friend i supposed posted her plea note she sent to her asking for help, she was mistreated by her employer and being denied food, please have some decency and remove the video and photos.

  8. V v v sad n sorry for t Mynmar female ending her LIFE…. We can hearsay many things True or Not True. If she is alive I will advise her t correct path or way . Some ppl may not gv her t right n appropriate advices thus driven her to commit suicide… being young or naive she may not hv t right mindset n maturity to think…To be fair I dont think denial of food from t owner she worked for was t main cause of her suicide.

  9. Black and white document proof them legal age… But one look, obvious is underages. Believe at their villages life could be much worse… But they living happily with their friends and family, although they barely make enough for a living.

    The only things they get here were the cold hard cash for their family.

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