Woman driver fails miserably in trying to unfairly accuse LTA officer of being biased against Chinese for doing her duty


A woman tried to accuse a Land Transport Authority (LTA) enforcement officer of being biased against the Chinese – but failed miserably. It is unclear when the incident happened, but it is very likely to have happened on Friday afternoon when Muslim men go for their obligatory prayers at mosques.

The woman driver videoing the LTA officer claimed that the officer had earlier told her that she was not allowed to park at the side of the road because she was not Muslim. She claimed that she had to illegally park her car because she was going to the polyclinic and the Friday worshippers had taken all the parking spot at the polyclinic.

The enforcement officer can be seen patiently explaining to the driver that she was not being asked to move away because of her race or religion, but because her car was in a critical spot like the fire hydrant.