Will the PAP Government prosecute the 5 former Keppel senior executives named in Brazilian court?

Photo: TODAY

By: Vincent Low/

It has been reported that in the Keppel bribery case, some US$55 million in corrupt payments were made by a former Keppel agent to some Brazilian govt officials in order to secure deals for Keppel in Brazil.

The Brazilian agent made “improper payments” to those officials for more than 10 years between 2001 and 2014, and these were carried out with the knowledge or approval of former Keppel senior executives.

According to a Bloomberg report in Aug last year, the agent, Zwi Skornicki, had testified in a Brazilian court that 5 senior executives of Keppel, including then CEO of Keppel Offshore & Marine, Chow Yew Yuen, did authorize him to bribe the Brazilian Govt officials.

Mr Skornicki revealed in court that the bribes were to help secure Brazilian Petrobras contracts that often exceeded a billion dollars. He named the 5 Keppel top executives in court, who were involved in the bribery:

1. Chow Yew Yuen, Keppel Offshore & Marine CEO
2. Tong Chong Heong, former senior executive at Keppel Corp
3. Tay Kim Hock, former CEO of Keppel Fels Brasil
4. Kwok Kai Choong, current CEO at Keppel Fels Brasil
5. Choo Chiau Beng, a former Keppel Corp CEO and current non-resident ambassador to Brazil

Will the Singapore govt proceed to prosecute these executives named by the agent in the Brazilian court?

In their joint statement, CPIB and AGC would only say, “Investigations in respect of the individuals involved are ongoing.”


  1. I hope the investigation will be extended to the Board of directors etc..Let’s make sure even past directors will be held accountable if they were found to be in cohorts..

  2. The biggest JOKE is that our govt is trying to teach other countries how to combat corruption and how to run an honest and clean government. I feel so ashame now. The Chinese government must be having second thoughts now about sending their civil servants to learn from us!!!! All the while our leaders are not looking after their own backyard being obsessively preoccupied in persecuting the opposition parties and its leaders!!!! This is KARMA!!!

  3. The public has no idea how rotten it is inside. Is it true that only 5 senior mgmts are involved? Will it open up a even bigger can of worms? This has been going on for a decade. Every mgmt in Keppel are sleeping while taking high pay? Where is the audit? What are the Finance people doing? Simply follow orders? I dont think it is so simple… only 5 senior mgmt involved.

  4. You think the 5 Senior O&M of Kepple is the only culprit? The amount is so large that I believe the Minister on top in our PAP Gov is also involve. Do you believe, that the Senior officials can take the whole responsibilities on their own involving such a large amount to be written off without the finance department knowing. This is definately scary if the real truth is out. Now that WP has file to ask PAP Govt to come clean with it.
    We want the truth. SG has becoming from bad to worst.

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