Wife hands over peeping-Tom husband to the Police and later forgives him


A man who took videos of his wife’s friends in the bathroom was sentenced to 14-days detention order – a community order which requires the offender to be detained in prison for up to 14 days – on 27 March. The offender, Kevin Chin Thain Min, was arrested at Changi Airport in March last year. The 35-year-old offender, a freelance motoring journalist, was turned over to the police by his wife.

In June 2014, Kevin stole a female friend’s key while he was at her house on an invitation. He then returned to her house sometime between October and December of that year. He installed a spy-camera within a small crack in her bathroom’s false ceiling which enabled him to view her undressing in the shower.

His wife discovered the incriminating videos while she was using his phone. When confronted, Kevin told his wife that he would discard and delete all the incriminating videos. His wife, who is a legal counsel, refused to accept his explanations and turned him over to the authorities.

A psychiatrist testifying in Court said that Kevin suffered from voyeuristic and fetishistic paraphilic disorder, which led him to commit the offences. He is attending therapy and counseling to treat his mental illness.

His wife said that she has forgiven him and that their relationship has improved tremendously since the incident.