Why we are the most fortunate in SEA when it comes to iPhone 7?

Singaporeans are fortunate when it comes to iPhone 7 because they get the new iPhones on the same timeline as the US. Unlike Thailand and Indonesia, Singapore makes it to list of countries where iPhones are released on the very first day of its international release due to its appealing market for the product. iPhone was launched in Thailand on 21st October 2016, almost one month after its launch in US and Singapore and is still anticipated to be launched in Indonesia by the end of this year.

A study conducted by iPrice states that the price of iPhone is the cheapest in Singapore compared to other countries in Southeast Asia. Singaporeans need to work an average of 7 days to be able to buy an iPhone 7(128GB), states the study. In countries like Indonesia and Vietnam, their citizens should work an average of 87 hours and 104 hours to be able to afford an iPhone 7. Singapore citizens work lesser and get to afford the smartphone faster.

Although the price of the phone is affordable, telco companies in Singapore make it easier for their customers by providing them special mobile plans at a reasonable price. The real deal is that the customers get their hand on the latest phone and do not have to fork out a big amount of money all at once.

iPhone 7 Prices
Phone GB Singtel Star Hub M1
32 $569 $561 $570
128 $724 $716 $725
256 $879 $871 $880
Basic Monthly Plan Price $42.90 $42.90 $42