Why should Singaporeans plug into strengths of another country to achieve greatness?

By: Ben Matchap

It’s ironic that we make such a big fuss of Singaporeans achieving things overseas especially when they most likely achieved it because of the opportunities available overseas. Like Joseph schooling winning a gold medal, or Kenneth Sng giving the opening remarks in the US presidential debate.

Did both of them achieve this because of the Singapore system or despite it?

Not that they shouldn’t be celebrated and not taking anything away from them, but with Singaporeans making headline news and breaking new ground to “make Singapore proud”, we really need to ask ourselves if they got there because of our system or despite it?

The world is changing and Singapore cannot afford to have a system where people succeed and make achievements only because they are not plugged into it. Which is why we need to identify the gaps. Which is why we need to rethink and make the necessary changes to improve our system.

If we don’t then every time a Singaporean makes headline news for an achievement it would only serve as a reminder that Singaporeans can achieve what they did because they plugged into the strengths of another country.

Ben Matchap

Ben Matchap is a film student, a photographer and a vlogger. Being in the early 20s, he identifies much with the Singaporean millennials.