Why is it that “Information and Communications’ jobs” have the highest growth potential, but also has the highest unemployment rate?


I refer to the article “Infocomm media to create jobs, pump up economy” (Straits Times, Nov 4).

It states that “By 2020, the sector that already employs 194,000 people will create another 16,000 jobs. Of these, 13,000 are expected to be professional, managerial, executive and technician (PMET) roles.”

Why is there no breakdown of the 194,000 workers into Singaporeans, permanent residents (PRs) and foreigners?

As to “ICM’s value-add is expected to grow at 6 per cent a year – twice as fast as the overall economy.

“This presents immense opportunities for both companies and workers in the ICM sector, and stands in stark contrast to the larger backdrop of the global slowdown”.

IMDA was ready to invest in manpower training for AI, said Dr Yaacob. It will launch an AI apprenticeship programme to provide on-the-job or course training for the first batch of 200 AI professionals over the next three years.

The programme is a first for AI under the IMDA’s tech skills development and job placement initiative, TechSkills Accelerator (Tesa), which has already trained 16,000 professionals in new tech skills to prepare them for the digital economy since April last year”

“Information and Communications” highest unemployment rate

– According to the latest MOM report (Labour Force in Singapore 2016) – “Information and Communications” had the highest unemployment rate of 5.5 per cent among all the categories, in June 2016.

So, don’t you find it rather strange that we keep hearing the rhetoric that this sector has a lot of vacancies and demand particularly for PMETs is increasing?

Competition from foreigners?

Is it due partly to Singaporeans losing their jobs with fierce competition from foreigners and permanent residents (PRs) – and finding it hard to get re-employed?

Leong Sze Hian


  1. Be it in the secular or religious realms, all the senior in power to hire and fire are the foreigners turned PR !
    Singaporeans at large are slaves except the pappy cronies!
    ♻Some believe in fate while some are still fighting for Swiss standard of living
    ⛄Not only we don’t have Swiss standard of living but our senior citizens at retirement age with medical issues are forced to work at very low wages
    Those wearing glamorous hats have no compassion towards our very own country fellowmen who have medical issues and living alone!!!
    To achieve Swiss standard of living, senior citizens with medical issues should be give Universal basic income of $2000 per month!
    Our government is giving free university education to young foreigners plus living allowances of $2000 per month, then why aren’t they give $2000 as Universal basic income to our country fellowmen who worked very hard and had paid 29 layers of kueh lapis taxes during our younger days in Singapore, especially we are born in Singapore

  2. “foreigners certainly create more jobs for singaporeans these days”. Jobs they took away from fellow singaporeans, and fellow Singaporeans who were previously jobless now “working as Career Coach in e2i or WSQ or whatever helping other jobless Singaporeans finding jobs which were firstly stolen by foreigners. HOW IRONIC!!!!

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