Who holds the record for speaking the least in Parliamentary history?


By Leong Hze Hian

According to a tabulation by Chinese papers Lian He Zao Bao, Jurong GRC PAP MP Rahayu Mahzam is the dumbest MP of 2017, making only 8 speeches in a year. Defending her “record”, the part-time MP on a S$192,000/year salary who works full-time as a lawyer told reporters that she does not see the need to repeat questions filed by others:

“Most of my questions are related to the law profession, and I would normally ensure that my questions have not been raised by others.”

The Chinese papers did not give a ranking of who spoke the least as the data is highly embarrassing to the ruling party government.

The list of most vocal MPs are as follow:

1) WP NCMP Leon Perera (151 times)
2) PAP MP Louis Ng (103 times)
3) WP NCMP Dennis Tan (94 times)
4) WP NCMP Daniel Goh (83 times)

The most vocal MP in Parliament is NCMP Leon Perera from the Workers’ Party, who made 151 speeches and questions in a year – or an average of about 3 speeches a week. When interviewed by the media, MP Leon Perera said that there is a lot of questions to ask the government.”

Former Minister never speak?

In this connection, I searched the Parliamentary records for “Mah Bow Tan” for the Parliamentary sittings of the 12th Parliament (from the general election of 2011 until 5 February 2013), and could not find anything that was said by him.

So, does this mean that he did not say anything in Parliament in the one and a half years or so?

NCMP spoke 82 times?

For the purpose of comparision, I searched “Lina Chiam” which returned 82 results.

Former Minister spoke once only?

I searched “Wong Kan Seng” and found only one result.

Are there any other MPs who didn’t say, or hardly said anything too, in the Parliamentary history of Singapore ?


  1. I get very disappointed when she tried to defend herself with rubbish excuses. As a mp, you should not just look at law only but the people concerns. You are not voted in to be a lawyer in Parliament. You are supposed to voice our concerns in Parliament. Our concerns do Not limit to law!

  2. What to say when pappy is the one that took her into the fold. She will be agreeable to whatever policy her party dishes out to us. Also if we want to criticise her please don’t be racial. You want to fight pappy need all races to support. That’s what the government want, that we have a crack in soceity. Be United and Respect all fellow Singaporean that is the first step to win the war.

  3. How comfortable life is for PAP people in Parliament month by month for 60 months from point of being elected until the next GE. Relax, no need to even debate or argue in Parliament even for the 70% who voted for them. Just collect for 5 years quietly first and just enjoy life to the fullest. Do you 70% even know what’s happening here?



  5. Ok firstly, the speculation that begins after what Leon Perera had to say is all quite frankly laughable “journalism”. How you’re able to reasonably conclude or accept that Mah Bow Tan had said nothing in 1.5 years or Wong Kan Seng spoke once in your quoted timeframe is absurd. Nothing more than lazy journalism, if you can even call it that.

    Secondly, calling an MP dumb for speaking little in Parliament is, well frankly, quite dumb. Speak little = dumb, speak more = smart? Makes no sense whatsoever.

    Thirdly, you have made no effort whatsoever to do basic research of how she engages with her residents, what she does for her constituents and to society. You definitely have a motive in making this very one sided and I wonder why. To get more clicks?

    Lastly, as much as I do appreciate NCMP Leon Perera’s input and contribution to the parliamentary debate, he was nominated to be mainly a parliamentarian not assigned to a constituency. And he is an opposition party member who’s party’s job is to question the incumbent government. Hence it should come as no surprise that he tops the list, and yes he can be commended on it. But I don’t think you can compare it on the same scale as Louis Ng, for example, who almost made the same amount of speeches but also takes care of his constituents.

  6. The writer is ignorant of parliamentary democracy. The reason why Marzham is not only an MP but an MP for Jurong is because she has constituency to take care of. Some MPs are good in Parliament, some MPs are good in taking care of their constituents. Some MPs do not have a constituency , like NMPs such as Leon Pereira, and they are paid to talk. Marzham is an excellent constituency MP who works hard for those under her care. Whereas we have MPs who talk a lot but waste taxpayers’ money by giving jobs to the boys and overpaying them. And they waste parlimentary time by telling lies in Parliament. No doubt these lies count in the number of times they speak in parliament.

  7. Good life collect MP allowances of $20K a month, no need to talk about the difficulties and aspiration of the voters who voted her. Ho mia! Look at the number of PAP MPs who do not ever turn up. So you vote in a GRC of say 5 MPs. Only one turn up in parliament or maybe turn up so what is the rest doing? Some who turns up sleeps. No wonder they do not want to televise live. If you compare parliament all over the world the discussion is robust and fruitful. Here they already decide long before parliament all they have to say is YES! and it is all done. Smart Nation cannot do better.

  8. LHL: Eh, we need a Minah for Jurong GRC.
    Halimah: Eh, my cousin’s grandaughter is a lawyer, u know.
    Very obedient girl.
    LHL: Ok bagus. This minah boleh.
    Rahayu: And that’s how my world got turned upside down, when I became the princess of Jurong….