When local jobseekers face competition even from tourists, where’s the logic in capping graduates?


By: Leong Sze Hian

After writing “Where’s the logic in capping local graduates when there is a large foreign student population in our unis?”, I spoke to a professor at a public university in an ASEAN country.

95% citizen students in other ASEAN country?

He told me that about 95 per cent of the students are citizens in other ASEAN countries.

30% cap, but 35% foreigners?

Here’s what continues to baffle me – Where is the logic of capping Singaporean graduates at say 30 per cent because there may not be enough jobs – and then having about 35 per cent of the total student enrolment in our public universities for non-Singaporeans?

Compete with S’poreans when they graduate?

To top it off – most of the foreign students are required to stay and work after their graduation for at least three years. So, they may compete with Singaporeans for jobs, when the primary reason for capping Singaporean graduates is limited jobs for them in the first place? Does this make sense to you?

Tourists come looking for jobs?

And to further compound the logic (or lack of logic) of our education policies – we allow practically anyone in the world to come as tourists – apply for jobs and stay when they find one?

20,000 new citizens, 30,000 new PRs a year?

To make competition for jobs even more fierce for Singaporeans – we have been granting about 20,000 new citizens and 30,000 new PRs a year!

99% jobs growth to foreigners?

In this connection, to cite an example of the disastrous outcome from the perspective of Singaporean workers and their families – 99 per cent of the employment growth went to foreigners in 2015, with only one per cent to locals (Singaporeans and PRs) – percentage to Singaporeans unknown!

Do the above not make you wonder where our education policy makers went to, in tbeir schooling years?

Uniquely Singapore!