What’s the matter with this Audi driver?


The video below has been making the rounds online, for obvious reasons.

In it, there is a long queue of cars waiting to enter a car park in what looks like Orchard Road. (We can’t be sure and welcome any corrections.)

A car, which dashcam was recording the incident, turned in from an opposite road – but just as it did so, a Audi quickly doubles up to prevent the dashcam car from joining the queue into the car park.

Well, that would not be anything out of the ordinary, but in this instance the driver of the Audi moments later wound down his window and showed the dashcam car the middle finger.

What was that all about?

The video has no audio, so it is hard to make out if the Audi driver was reacting to anything the dashcam car had made, such as perhaps sounding his car horn at the Audi.

Whatever it is, drivers should show courtesy and understanding. Giving way to others is not going to kill you. And using vulgarities is very infantile behaviour.

Here is the video.

"Please advice and comment, what do you think about Singapore road user? Does it kill to give way first?Gave a disgusting hand signage some more…Ohhhh SKK6830T"Bobby Boucher

Posted by ROADS.sg on Saturday, 20 May 2017