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What happens when straight and gay people meet for the first time?

“With the state of the world today, it’s more important than ever to not live in our “bubble”, but to reach out to those who are not like us, in the hope of reaching a better understanding,” says Pink Dot’s Facebook page.

And to reach this better understanding of each other, it has released its latest video as a lead-up to the main event at Speakers’ Corner on 1 July.

The 51/2 minute video, several members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgender (LGBT) community and ordinary Singaporeans meet for the first time.

The purpose is to have them chat with each other, and to see what comes out of it.

The video is an honest presentation of how non-gay people think and view the LGBT folks, in what is a rare sight in the media of straight people having a normal conversation with gay people on the gay issue.

“For we can stand together as one united people, or we can let our differences divide us,” Pink Dot says. “The choice, for us, has always been clear.”