What do you do when you have a road accident in Malaysia?


According to Malaysia’s immigration data, more than 250,000 use the causeway daily. About 58% of them cross by motorcycle and 36% by car. It is one of the busiest crossings in Southeast Asia. But are Singapore-registered car drivers prepared for the trouble which comes with any accident which happens on the Malaysian roads? You can certainly minimise the hassle of the aftermath if you are prepared.

Now remember these tips if you get into an accident while on your road trip.

  1. Always be prepared for the unexpected. Have a first aid kid in your car to tend to any injuries before the ambulance arrives.
  2. If you can move your vehicle, always move it to the side of the road – out of harms way.
  3. Take pictures of the accident scene and of the other vehicle(s). Your pictures should cover the extent of all damage as well as the road tax disc, driving license, certificate of insurance and car license numbers. Make a short video clip of the damage and the area around the accident.
  4. Take down details like the date, exact time and location of the accident, weather and road condition, etc.
  5. Exchange particulars with the other driver(s).
  6. See if you have any eyewitnesses to the accident – a bystander can be one. Get their names, contact numbers and identity card numbers. If possible, write down their account of what they witnessed and get them to sign it.
  7. Remember your motor vehicle insurance company’s hotline and call them for assistance. Make sure your insurance protects you with coverage in Malaysia. It is best if your coverage provides you with tow-truck service to Singapore.
  8. Call the Malaysian Tourist Police hotline: +603 2149 6590 and you will get you help in English. This will be useful especially since parties involved in traffic accidents in Malaysia must file a police report, and such reports must be written in Bahasa Melayu.