We’ve all heard of the infamous Curry murder, but what about St James Power Station murder?

Yesterday, 20-year old Mohd Firdaus Abdullah was sentenced to six years and two months in prison and five strokes of the cane for harbouring a suspected murderer and for drug-related offences.

He and four others were linked to the murder of Satheesh Kumar Manogaran at St James Power Station. Firdaus also allowed two of his fellow gang members, Muhammad Khalid Kamarudin, 22, and Muhammad Faizal Md Jamal, 23, to stay at his brother’s flat.

The supposed murder of Satheesh started with an argument with the waiter at Postbar at St Jmes Power Station, Shawalludin Sa’adon, who was another gang member. Shawalludin called for other members of the gang to join him in a fight against Satheesh. Satheesh was stabbed and another man was injured in the process. Subsequently, the men took shelter at Firdaus’ brother’s house in Aljunied.

At the time, Firdaus was a full-time police national serviceman attached to the Special Operations Command.

According to the court, Firdaus offered to take in the men “despite the knowledge that Khalid had committed murder”.

The men were part of the Sio Kun Tong gang.

On top of his charges for providing shelter to a suspected murderer, Firdaus was also convicted of being absent without leave from his full-time police national service duties and for trafficking, consuming and possessing drugs.

For the harbouring charge, he could have been jailed up to 10 years and fined. The cases against the other three involved are pending.

Netizens were completely disapproving of the entire incident and some suggested that it be used as a learning point for future generations.