Westwood Secondary School disciplines Sec 3 boys involved in viral bullying video


A shocking video of a few boys, who appear to be Secondary school students, bullying their classmate has been circulating online and has gone viral with over 100,000 views since it was uploaded on Facebook on 15 Feb.

The uniformed boys who violently bullied their classmate in the video have since been identified as Secondary 3 students from Westwood Secondary School.

The Ministry of Education provided a statement from the school, which reveals that the incident took place on 9 Feb 2018. The school’s principal, Mr Abdul Harris B Sumardi, said that counselling and disciplinary actions have been meted out to the students involved:

The school was aware of the incident on the same day it occurred – 9 February 2018. We took immediate action to counsel the students and mete out disciplinary measures. We have also worked with their parents to help the students learn from the incident.

It remains unclear why the boys attacked their classmate in the viral video.

In the video, the boy who is recording the incident tells his classmates to quickly “teach” the victim a lesson. He tells them to hurry before their teacher returns.

Two of the bullies then start throwing chairs at the victim who is seated at a table, fiddling with his mobile phone. One of the bullies then approaches the victim and begins punching and kicking him, before flipping the boy’s chair, shoving him to the floor and continuing to pummel him.

The assailant finally stops when the one recording tells him that it is “enough”.

Secondary school students kick, punch and throw chairs at classmate in shocking video