Westwood Secondary School disciplines Sec 3 boys involved in viral bullying video


A shocking video of a few boys, who appear to be Secondary school students, bullying their classmate has been circulating online and has gone viral with over 100,000 views since it was uploaded on Facebook on 15 Feb.

The uniformed boys who violently bullied their classmate in the video have since been identified as Secondary 3 students from Westwood Secondary School.

The Ministry of Education provided a statement from the school, which reveals that the incident took place on 9 Feb 2018. The school’s principal, Mr Abdul Harris B Sumardi, said that counselling and disciplinary actions have been meted out to the students involved:

The school was aware of the incident on the same day it occurred – 9 February 2018. We took immediate action to counsel the students and mete out disciplinary measures. We have also worked with their parents to help the students learn from the incident.

It remains unclear why the boys attacked their classmate in the viral video.

In the video, the boy who is recording the incident tells his classmates to quickly “teach” the victim a lesson. He tells them to hurry before their teacher returns.

Two of the bullies then start throwing chairs at the victim who is seated at a table, fiddling with his mobile phone. One of the bullies then approaches the victim and begins punching and kicking him, before flipping the boy’s chair, shoving him to the floor and continuing to pummel him.

The assailant finally stops when the one recording tells him that it is “enough”.

Secondary school students kick, punch and throw chairs at classmate in shocking video


    • All schools are good schools? Better rethink!
      A weak principal will breed future rascals. We don’t want these gangsters roaming on the streets.
      Full account must be made open and published. Family background and circumstances must be checked.
      What is meant by “punished”? Don’t brush aside the issues and cover them up! What are the preventive measures?

  1. Why are these students in the classroom without a teacher present in the first place? During my teaching career I did not allow any of my students to remain in the class if i wasnt there. If they wete unwell I would either inform their parents to pick them or make them rest in the sick bay. The others who had no valid reason to stay in class were deployed to gardening activities or litter picking or reading corners etc. Some were also sent to sit on the benches placed outside the principals office to complete unfinished homework or extra assignment to keep them occupied. I am shocked to see this happening in a school in Singapore.

  2. Principal said the boys were merely counseled for this violent and injurious aggression on the helpless victim who sat at his desk quietly without disturbing anybody. Is that all that the principal could do? This helpless victim needs firm actions from his school, police and courts for the injustice he suffered at the hands of these vicious bullies. These bullies will be emboldened to do more harm in the communities if the principal is so lenient.

    • Bullies must be brought to justice. Besides counseling, they have to learn to be responsible for their actions and face the consequences.

      ZERO tolerance for violence and bullying, especially in schools. Send the right message. Set things right.

      PAP government has been tough on disendents, all the more, why be soft on this violence?

  3. Does counselling these wayward students help? Honestly, after this incident, I am sure these students will up the ante when they get to onow of the person who uploaded the video. Go around see for yourselves how students these days behave outside of school in uniform. Educating students on civil and moral obligations is not going to help as children these days always challenge authorities. Years ago the was this educational tour to prisons or atudents to see for themselves the harsh realities of life in prison if they go wayward. Some idiotic parent claimed that their children felt uneasy after such trips. The relevant authorities MUST bring back such tours so that youngsters these days will wake their bloody ideas and attitude up.

  4. Parents, teachers, principals, police and government should take responsibility of bringing children up seriously.
    Children should be informed about bullying and how to deal with them, encouraged to talk about it and report bullying from a very young age.
    Teachers should report bullies to Heads and start counselling with parents and child as soon as they spot early signs.
    Principals should report the repeat and severe cases to the police.
    Police should visit parents and locality to see what is happening.
    Government should allow parents to sue the bullies parents, they should create laws where schools cannot cover up severe cases. The responsibility should be that of the anti bully master/mistress, who should be in a local network consisting of anti bully masters from all local schools, parents, businesses and police.
    Boys town should be well equipped to help these kids, not for long periods, start with week-ends to give them a taste of homework, cleaning, basic diet, etc.

  5. What action principle going to take ????? This guy throwing a chair and chair is an weapon also continue use his hand , parents go make a police record if u don’t do so other will follow , using counseling would not help already use chair to them just like listen stores, make police report is a must

  6. This is clearly consequences of one who lack social skills. The victim might have been arrogant and offended people yet still lived in a nutshell in his mobile phone world. Stop bringing in the police , let the boys settle their issues, let them learnt real life social skills in this environment (I believe a lot of us went through this). I would say it is because our society is so well protected that people tends to be arrogant and thinks that they are right whereas they are not. And these people needs this type of discipline for them to wake up their ideas.

    • Are you one of the gangsters in the video? Even if the victim lack social skills, no one has the right to beat him up. The aggressors should be punished by the law. That’s what the police and Singapore Law are for! I think you need to see a counsellor if you think that you have the right to discipline others, just because you think that they are arrogant.

  7. No compassion,no caring, what I see is violent,aggressiveness,.if Don’t fine tune it, we are raising a group of terror people threating the safety on other children…. Just like ISIS killing the innocent civilians….the principal A n their parents B have to take it seriously. What happen if the victim is A or B child, do u think they will accept the so call Counselling?

  8. Schools should impose harsher punishment like canning for serious violation (still exist in Catholic schools here), expel from schools, file police report etc. Students should be aware that gangsterism is intolerable in school, more so outside school!
    No 2nd chance should be given by mere counselling. Did theses bullies give the victim a 2nd chance when they attack him?? No, their Attack got fiercer, giving him no chance even when they toppled him to the ground. They could’ve killed him with a blow right at the danger spot! They are not stupid, they know that getting into fight will get them in trouble…. yet they committed. Since they’re so brutal so why counsel to give them a chance? They need to be punished from young. The school principal should know better!

  9. Singapore has indeed arrived, for the worse.
    Never seen a schoolboy hurling a chair at another until now.
    Such unprecedented violent behavior, at this young age, is astonishing in a tightly controlled country.
    Our education system has failed us.

  10. Victim not killed so no case. Hahaha.
    This is what the law or school rules practices. Let sg grow with more ISIS warriors like them. Can u imagine if the victim surname is Lee, what will happen? Can settle by counselling?

  11. What sort of disciplinary action? Mandatory public caning at school assembly. If this violence happened at a coffee shop, police will take harsher view regardless of school students involved. Stop rampant bullying before secondary schools become breeding grounds for wannabe ‘gangsters’, bigots and extremists