Was the elected President’s car booked for illegal parking?


A photo of an enforcement officer investigating a car with a special number plate is going viral online, especially since the car appears to be part of elected President Halimah Yacob’s convoy.

The image circulating online clearly shows that the vehicle has the number plate ‘SEP1’. ‘SEP’ is widely believed to be an acronym that stands for for Singapore Elected President. Interestingly, the state car that was used to ferry Singapore’s last President Tony Tan also sported the ‘SEP’ license plate.

The photo was posted by netizen Richie Tsui on Facebook group, SG Road Vigilante just about three hours ago and has already garnered over 600 likes and almost 2,500 shares.

Another netizen also shared a wide shot of the scene:

Netizens praised the enforcement officer for keeping the law and ensuring that even the President is not above the law:


  1. Where got elected president since the oopsies reveal in parliament by “dummy Kee Chu CCS” shown it is another pre-selected by you know who beforehand to walkover by sudden raised qualifications.

  2. The fine will be paid out of taxpayers’ pocket anyway…and instead of focusing on the LTA officer who booked the car probably because he’s ignorant who’s car it is as he is most likely Malaysian, why is the driver of the car breaking the law?

  3. Please lah. I was told by then Minister Of Trade & Industry Mr Lee Yishyan that all ministers that kena summon will be waived one leh and these ministers and President can park wherever they want leh.

    It’s a fucking privilege so please wake up your fucking idea people.

  4. Are we paving the way for foreigners to take over our traffic system?

    This is what we faced everyday on the road.

    Our rules are given away and trained Foreigners enforcement officers to catch local citizens for traffic offenders and illegal car park.

    This is just another wake up call.

    We have been living with suck system.

    Many Foreigners workers here, are trained to abuse our car parking gantry system. But our cctv always blurred cannot see all these happening. 4:1 bikers moving out from the carpark gantry.

    This is RIGHTEOUSNESS. but not those foreigners workers themselves. (Words of mouths spread among all villages )

    They are trained to know when and how to snake out in our carpark gantry system.

  5. where this summons will pay go to TP this going to be VOID liao. Road tax also no need to pay liao where will pay this little summons. But it show one thing the driver also think it president car happy happy anyhow park.

  6. SEP 1 is president vehicle… As a TP he has to do his job… After that whatever higher office in TP wavier off the offence is another thing as a lot PAP folks place in such key position just to do that cover up.

  7. The officer have to do his job to issue the ticket and the driver just doing his job stopping where the President wants. Summon as many as you want knowingly all will be waived off or paid by taxpayers. 70% loves to pay more seeing president car illegal parking around Singapore.

  8. I would call for a dismal of this stupid fellow. He got no respect for the head of state. He thinks he damn fucking smart to issue a summon. Send him packing to where he comes from. Trying to buy cheap face. This is what people called “eyes got no stamp”

  9. LTA enforcement officer is worst than a robot. Never use cow’s sense or “pakai akal” . No wonder many minor traffic offenders are booked by LTA.

  10. You can’t book a car, it’s not a human being. It’s the driver’s fault. Mind you I think that the President and PM should be cut some slack. But not the Emeritus and a cupboard full of Ministers – they would block the roads. I’d have expected the President and PM to have a motorbike escort who would ensure that they are stopped safely and that they are not blocking traffic.

  11. I bet this seacom guy is from Malaysia . I had one experience that a guy (eith a Malaysian-Indian lingo think I don’t know) came to me with ya-ya papaya look questioning what I was doing at a carpark – of course I am waiting for one to leave. I didn’t break any rules.

    Even SPF approach one with respect. But, not this ya-ya papaya seacom/LTA-engaged service provider.

  12. If she’s a President as she’s made out to be, she should just come out and say that her driver made a mistake, broke the law of the roads and she will just pay the fine. That would be a feather in her cap and i bet the people will give her even more support.

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