Voters find it difficult to relate to Halimah’s “Do Good, Do Together” campaign


Halimah Yacob submitted her application forms to contest the upcoming reserved presidential election today. She is the last of the presidential hopefuls who have declared their interest to contest the election to do so, with Salleh Marican submitting documents on 23 August and Farid Khan following suit a day later.

The former Speaker of Parliament who resigned from her role of elected parliamentarian to contest the election told reporters outside the Elections Department (ELD):

“I hope to receive a favourable response. As I have said repeatedly, my goal, my objective is to serve Singapore and Singaporeans with all my heart and all my passion. So I will just wait for the outcome from ELD.”

Halimah also held a press briefing yesterday as she gears up for the race, to unveil her campaign slogan: “Do good, do together”

She said of the slogan:

“It allows us together as one people to come together and do what is good for the community and the country – I think that is the most important part of it. We ‘do good, do together’ regardless of race, language or religion, and we come together to make Singapore a home we can all be proud of.”

Voters responding online couldn’t seem to relate to the establishment favourite’s campaign theme:

Ravi Kumar: “Do good, do together”. Why not just “Do good together”? Redundancy

Raymond Koh: Tony Tan slogan was “confidence for the future”. Now after his term ends, I am still not confident about our future. Nice slogan does nothing at all.

Loh Wai Poon: The EP is a custodial post not a political one. She should tell us why she is capable of carrying out her custodial duties. Slogan shouting is a politician task. She is no more a politician.

KT Jas Per: say is easy… now can say anything to gain votes… can anyone enlighten me what GREAT ACHIEVEMENT Tony has made for the citizens or the country ? What Tony has said before he was elected ???

Madhavan Charles: That depends on doing good for who really. For the people or the people in power? It’s 2017, I doubt there are as many naive folks. Hopefully.

Anu Banu: No need campaign, no need slogans. Just be ready to move in Istana. And we will get on with our lives. Only one mystery will stay unsolved forever. What is the race in her original IC? My brain seems to be stuck at that point when it comes to this PE. Well, we will never know, will we?

Robert Tan: A banner is only a piece of cloth. A slogan contains only some words. Do they mean anything after the event when they are thrown into a prestigious $840K rubbish bin. During GE voters had seen many slogans.

NC Tay: Totally cannot relate…not sure what your do good means…the way the elites interpret do good can be absolutely different from the common man…or even the totally opposite.

Raymond Koh: They should have tap my brains. I would have given them a better slogan that is truly reflective of them. How about this as a slogan ? “Kaki Kong, Kaki Song”

Jonanthanyoona Yap: it could even not contested and auto become…no need comment too much on slogan and prepare to be “reserved” president.

Alvin Peh: ‘Do good do together’ when disacknowledging ones own race and fak democracy is already bad enuff

Herring Osman: Do good?what kind of good?many dying to get their cpf out at 55.what did you do?

Wong Yking: Now must be Sweet talk….after confirm….no more talk….

Samuel Choong: Do good do together for pap

The hopeful also unveiled her key campaign members such as Sheng Siong chief executive Lim Hock Chee, Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) Chia Yong Yong, former NMP Mary Liew and Singapore Institute of International Affairs chairman Simon Tay at the press briefing where she said that she will not put the interest of people behind party colours:

“Whatever I do, it has always been people first, people first, people first … My loyalty lies with Singapore and Singaporeans.”


"My loyalty lies with Singapore and Singaporeans, and nothing else," said Madam Halimah Yacob yesterday (Aug 29), as she unveiled her presidential campaign slogan.

Posted by The Straits Times on Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Again, voters floated the hashtag #NotMyPresident and responded with sardonic one-liners:

Ian Yap: Did she just rephrased OTC? “My loyalty is first and foremost, to the people of Singapore. It has always been so, and will always remain so.” – Ong Teng Cheong (1936 – 2002)

Haziq Rosli: Correction: *SOME* Singaporeans. We don’t need loyalty. We need integrity, something that you clearly have none of Madam Embarassed to be Indian.

Simon Lam: Loyalty, if no integrity, pointless. Are u people president or u just want that $2 million? Touch your heart.

Madhavan Charles: Can’t even be loyal to her own race…still speaks about loyalty.

Johanes Pkmi: do you think a pawn will EVER has its own Freewill???

Krishnann Nil Nil: Blah blah blah election speech. Bet she won’t remember anything after winning

Nicky Weiwei: What happened to the loyalty to ur yee tee residents? Last GE u asked for their vote right? Suppose to serve them faithfully for the full term isnt it?

Dan Tsingtao I have no doubts which party you are loyal to

Brian Shah: Would I take part in an open election the answer is yes. Then face TCB.

KT Jas Peryou can say anything you want now to gain votes.

Chua Jean: YOUR loyalty lies with us? u must be kidding

David Leong: Earn More, Do Less. This is better.

Alvin Fong: Don’t make promises you cannot keep.

Goh Guan Sam: Loyalty to who, ppl know.

Nomination Day will be held on 13 September, according to the writ of election that was issued by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Monday. If more than one candidate are nominated, Polling Day will be held after a 10-day campaign period, on 23 September.


  1. CCS addressed you twice as “Madam President” in Parliament. As Speaker you did not have the gut to ask him to correct himself. And now you tell us that you are going to be independent? What a hypocrite!

  2. Do good Do together, so if ppl think the govt is bad, we should do good do together n get the govt out, question is who side will she stand since she is a former PAP member

  3. A creative Singaporean contributed this poetry..

    Before, he do “nothing”.
    Now, she do “good”
    Then, she do “together”
    In the end, “do nothing good together”

  4. Again, I must stress that one should not spoil your vote. Voters have been made to be frustrated by all these publicity of late. It has been specifically designed to make one to be fed up thus will be tempted and/or steered towards spoilt votes. Whereas their supporters will definitely cast their votes for the incumbents picking. They exercise their rights to vote for their candidate of choice. Nothing we can do about it.

    But, spoiling your vote will only square off the vote count. Just ask those who have had experience at counting centres. By spoiling your vote you can’t and will not counter the pro votes above.

    Should you felt otherwise about any candidate, vote against it instead of spoiling your chance to vote. Every vote counts as evident in PE 2011 whereby close fight with TCB.

    Some may felt that since the incumbent has been returned with clear majority and felt need to have someone outside to safeguard the country’s reserves, then do not spoil it and vote against it accordingly and wisely. Choice is in your hands come PE 2017.

  5. Talking is cheap. Singaporeans needs action. If you can’t furnished with the requirements of Singaporeans, then consider yourself useless.
    Mr. Ong Teng Cheong was the only President who was NOT a puppet. He was the peoples’ person.

  6. I can’t help it but still laugh at this PE candidate. A mixed blood between Indian and Chinese, but declare herself Malay in a Malay Only PE. If she is the hot favorite to win it, so much we can say about our legal and political system!!

  7. “Do Good” >> So will you be donating your salary to charity?

    “Do Together” >> Are you going to collect cardboards Together with some of our pioneer generation for exercise?

  8. Disown own race n still want to do good together? How the fuck she can turn her race into Malay? I never know race can be a change from birth. Bring out your IC and show it to all Singaporean n prove to do good together.

  9. What voters? It is just going to be a walkover as PAP will ensure other nominees to the presidency are eliminated. Cannot understand how you can deny your ancestry and lose your respectability just to be a PAP stooge.

  10. Singaporeans are generally politically apathetic and dull. The opposing camp should not waste their resources by educating this bunch of imbeciles on the ills of the ruling party . They look and look but do not see, hear and hear but do not listen.

    • Just look at that last kfc fucker which was also from that party , what has he contributed to Singapore and the People beside waving hands and snatching that Gold from Schooling ! Before PE talk is cheap and we hav been shortchange many a time , so Think hard don’t be fool again

  11. No matter what you say now , this Malay , Indian or Chinese lady (what’s her origin again ?) is here to stay and getting ready to take over the president post . We have been promised the heaven to the earth before and apart from receiving a handsome salary which we may have forgotten over the time , how much have been fulfilled by our honorable Mr Tony Tan ? I say even as a puppet , KFC colonel has failed big time …..
    Perhaps it’s time for us to review the salary rates of the members of the parliament ? ……
    Although salary increment may or not have prevented corruption , I say reduced their salary and let’s see how are they going to accept corruption . Least , let them work for their money ……

    • Urh !? this blood suckers has their way ….if Tmr they voluntarily lower their salary , they surely are very more happy to do so! Bcoz then they have a legit right to be corrupted !! “Both way Singaporean soo ka liao !!! “

    • Sivaramalingam Puthusamy A high salary rate are made justified to prevent corruption ? Dunnoe why this seems to sound ever so familiar .Hmmm back in the 70s this is what we call collecting protection money or coffee money as government officers will be going around the village n stall owners at a certain day of the month to collect extra incentives . Back to current day , so in order to preserve the integrity of the members of the cabinet , we need to pay them more ?…… for doing their job and to keep them away from corruption ? DUH…..
      From how I interpret the above , the difference between collecting protection money or other benefits in favour and to pay the members of the cabinet more ….. it’s only the difference of legitimate and not ?
      In the history of man kind ….Who will get enough of money ?
      So does it mean to say by paying these incompetence more , they will be satisfy,BLAH right !!!….. So far there are several counts of such case from CNB and CPIB even ??? … and these were the ones that was declared , what about those that are still in the dark ?
      I say removed all these high rates and these people can try risking their rice bowl by accepting bribes ?….. which is what I meant by letting them “work” for their extra incentives .
      Either openly collecting high salary or taking money undertable …… it is quite impossible to remove corruption totally .
      The analogy of paying people to discourage corruption is pure ignorance and stupid !!!!!
      So stop wasting singapore resource …. let’s see how many real passionate ones are left standing ?

  12. Mdm lachimi is not a worthy president..but a worthless one! all bullshit talks, if you can talk to do good, do good by DOnating all your money to the needy poor and eldery..can you even be better than President Trump?

  13. Pareto principle works everywhere, also in politics. If you can use 20% of resources to capture 80% of votes, theres no incentive to deal with the remaining 20% that costs 80% of the resources.

  14. Nothing good can come out of this Reserved Presidential Election!

    As it stands, this is THE most contentious Presidential Election in the eyes of many Singaporeans.

  15. We are modern Singapore, “I respect”best she take away her head scarfs during work hours, wearing only on religious activity only. That will look better!

  16. Real bad English and a distasteful campaign tag line. The picture above just goes to show that it all gels though, and that is the calibre of our “president “. Gosh!!!

  17. At the end of the day? It’s all about the final vote count (IF there is any contest left). But we all know that a walkover is highly possible and you have to the devious papayas for creating the perfect scenario.

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