Viral video of Japanese child being encouraged by his peers to complete high jump draws comparisons to local students

Photo: screengrab

A viral video of a Japanese child being encouraged by his peers to complete a high jump after four failed attempts has some Singaporeans drawing comparisons as to how students here might react if they were in the same situation.

The video, shared on social media by Facebook group El Sendero Del Maestro, moved millions of people around the world and has garnered about 27 million views, nearly 779,000 shares, and over 300,000 reactions.

In the video, a boy can be seen trying his best to jump over a rather tall obstacle as his peers are seated nearby. The boy runs towards the obstacle and tries to launch himself over it but fails not once or twice, but four times. Each time, he is picked off the obstacle by a supervising adult who appears to instruct the boy to try again.

Disheartened after his third failed attempt, the dejected young child can be seen appearing to wipe tears away before he tries the high jump for the fourth time. This attempt, too, ends in failure.

As the boy wipes away tears and prepares to try jumping over the obstacle for the fifth time, his peers – who were cheering for him all along – get up and surround the boy in a circle. After sharing a cheer with the boy, the students go back to their seats.

With what looks to be renewed vigour, the boy tries the high jump once again – and flies past the obstacle:

El niño japonés no puede saltar la barrera cuatro veces. Mira la reacción de sus compañeros de clase. La Cultura de un país se construye y se desarrolla en salas de clase.

Posted by El sendero del Maestro on Tuesday, 15 August 2017

While the heartwarming video was posted on Facebook about 10 months ago, it has been trending locally over the past few days with some Singaporeans newly sharing the video.

Locals responding to the video have drawn parallels to how local students might behave if something similar happened here: