Videos of brutal fight in Geylang showing men raining blows on one victim goes viral

Videos of a fight at Lorong 19 Geylang have been circulating on social and on WhatsApp. Videos of the scuffle show two women being hit by some of the men involved as another man is stomped on while he lays on the ground:

15/03/2018 lor 19 geylang 田鸡粥

Posted by Banny Fei on Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Videos of the incident, captured on the dashboard camera of a nearby vehicle, show several men attacking a man in white even as he falls back to the ground. A few women who try to intervene are also hit by the men involved.

The police have since arrested a 22-year-old in connection with the case. Confirming that investigations are ongoing, the police said in a statement:


“On 15 march at 3.19am, Police were alerted to a case of public nuisance at the vicinity of Lorong 19 Geylang.
“A 22-year-old man was arrested for uttering threatening words and the use of criminal force against public servants.
“This investigation is ongoing.”



  1. Spf went high tech ! put up cam all over n can solve all crime including fetal injury n death type crime !
    so now with high tech, the focus is on solving not preventing g crime urh?
    wonder what happen to the old time anh pai on foot round regime ???
    now new young scholar anh pai sitbin cosy office act smart n safe playing pc/cam surveillant work de ! song y y ! bring back anh pai davy , sunny , Robert , pak kio teck, harban singh , peraler to mantor all this young hi tech anh pai !!! make high risk area safe ! do wait wait till fatal injuries and death incidence happen then switch on pc n cam to watch video , too late liao! be at the place of action !!! not staying song y y in cosy station office !!!!

  2. That kick on the head is quite bad, hope the other guy is ok. Sometimes serious head injuries are not apparent only after a long time will show up but dangerous state. Better go check.

  3. Such lawlessness happening more frequently and unabated. Hope the SPF will seriously look into this emerging trend before they spiral into anarchy.

  4. Fighting between ppl is NOT a chargeable criminal case unless someone dies otherwise it’s a civil case.
    When police threatened , rioting or public disturbance then kena charged.

  5. Live life ….. until like that?

    What could be the root cause to this problem?

    Worries what would be our country be …. like. What could affect the way our systems rule or the way we been …… ….. ….. ?

    Very sad to see such thing happening here compare to those refugees, no citizenship and those living in poverty?

  6. What’s come over us in recent times…fights, brawls, arrests of aliens doing nefarious business, e-scooters knocking down people, attacking taxi drivers and so on so forth.
    Could we learn to count till ten before raising a fist, please.

  7. I guess this red shirt guy is drunk, talking nonsense and beating whoever is helping the victim. Even women were beaten up. I tought there’s police camera at this red light district.

  8. And from behind you can see 3 skinny guys standing and it looks like the red shirt guy is beating up 3 others like as tough the red shirt guy is beating the 3 robberies.

  9. And they will blame it on drinks …. what kinda man hits a lady ? And if you wanna challenge someone else to a fight , make sure the rest don’t intervene …..
    Talking about you fat ass in maroon sleeveless

  10. Saw the video in youtude, 3 against 1, typical ball less. The red singlet look like from NS unit, look like from infantry HQ, this red shirt fat idiot hor seh liao, your act caught on video. Wash your stupid fat ass clean before sit in jail cell

  11. In the old days, fights were gang fights by nature; to protect territory and tuff. These days street fights are by individuals, young and old, due to petty issues. And these fights are on the increase, at times fatal. What are these people thinking of? What could trigger such inhumane violent action? Worrisome indeed. Is our system breeding more and more angry and short-fused people?

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